Oreoz – THCa Flower

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oreoz strain description

Oreoz Strain

Oreoz, also known as “Oreo Cookies,” “Cookies n Cream,” and “Oreo Cookie,” is a potent hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Cookies & Cream with Secret Weapon. This cannabis treat initially appeared on the market, featuring a high potency that might be overpowering for cannabis newbies. Oreoz is mostly an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of 70% indica and 30% Sativa. This strain is well-known for its potency, with THC levels ranging from 22% to 33%.


Oreoz has a stunning appearance, with dense and lumpy neon green nugs interlaced with deep amber hairs. The thick trichomes layer that envelopes the bud, flowing with luscious sticky resin from top to bottom, is a standout characteristic. Patches of amber pistils and delicate purple tints add to its overall charm.


The aroma of the Oreoz cannabis strain is nostalgic, reminiscent of campfire s’mores. Diving in more, one can detect enticing undertones of cocoa intermixed with the unmistakable note of diesel. This strain provides an unparalleled taste experience, with a flavor profile reminiscent of a cup of Oreo pudding. The delicious blend of sweet yet spicy chocolate, nuttiness, and a hint of pungent diesel is a crowd-pleaser.


Upon consumption, Oreoz induces an uplifting and long-lasting high. The experience begins with a cerebral jolt that uplifts the spirit, obliterating negativity or racing thoughts. As the cerebral effects intensify, consumers often report an expansion of happiness followed by a profound sense of relaxation, couch-locked, and, in many cases, an insatiable hunger. Its hybrid nature means it offers the best of both worlds: a mind-soaring sativa experience combined with the deep relaxation typical of indices.

oreoz thc levels

THC Level

Oreoz hybrid strain is not for the faint-hearted, boasting an impressive THC level of 22% to 33%.

Terpene Profile

  • Caryophyllene (pepper)

  • Limonene (citrus)

  • Myrcene (herbal)

Caryophyllene takes the lead as the most dominant terpene in Oreoz, imparting spicy and peppery notes that also offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Limonene and myrcene are present in significant amounts, contributing citrus and herbal undertones, respectively.

where to buy oreoz strain online

Where to Buy Oreoz Strain Online?

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Oreoz Strain Review:

Overall, Oreoz has received positive reviews from the cannabis community for its potency and long-lasting effects. It is a top choice for those seeking both relaxation and cerebral stimulation. However, due to its high THC content, beginners should exercise caution.

Oreoz is predominantly an indica strain, with a 70% indica to 30% Sativa ratio.

Oreoz is considered vital, with THC levels ranging from 22-33%.

While not exclusively purple, Oreoz nugs display shades of purple amid their green appearance.

There are many exotic strains available, and preferences vary. Oreoz is undoubtedly among the most popular ones.

Oreoz delivers a powerful cerebral high, relaxation, and a surge in appetite.

Many users report Oreoz as effective for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Oreoz can be smoked, vaped, or incorporated into edibles. The best method depends on individual preference.

While not predominantly fruity, Oreoz does have subtle notes that some might interpret as fruity. Its primary flavors are chocolate, diesel, and nuttiness.

Oreoz - THCa Flower

$35.00 $169.99 or from $29.75 $144.49 every 2 weeks