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If you’ve heard about THCH, then you might be wondering if it’s worth the hype. THCH is a relatively new cannabinoid that has captivated the attention of cannabis lovers across the US. THCH guarantees users a highly potent and pleasurable experience thanks to its unique molecular composition. In fact, studies have shown that it’s actually 10 times stronger than the standard THC we know and love.

So if you’re curious about what a THCH high feels like, you’re not alone! Join us for this quick walkthrough as we’re breaking down everything you need to know about this potent new compound so you can try it for yourself.

What is THCH?

Now, you might be curious as to what THCH even is in the first place. This naturally occurring cannabinoid is extracted and harvested from organic hemp and Cannabis sativa plants. Short for tetrahydrocannabihexol, THCH has been hailed for its psychedelic and exciting side effects.

Of course, before trying out this wonderdrug, you might be wondering: is THCH legal? Lucky for you, THCH is 100% legal and safe for consumption. The Farm Bill declared that CBD and all derivatives of THC are considered legal if they consist of precisely 0.3% (or less) of Delta 9 THC. Since THCH is a hemp-derived compound that is 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, then by all means, THCH is available for everyone’s enjoyment!

THCH lovers have found that it is also exceptionally versatile for consumption, making it a very interesting psychedelic. Whether you prefer getting your high from a vape, edible, tincture, oil, you’ll most likely find your preference much easier than expected.

Effects and Benefits of THC-H

Thanks to the miracle of nature that is the hemp plant, we can enjoy the multitude of benefits that come with taking THC-H. Most smokers have praised this form of THC for its positive and exciting psychoactive effects. Read on to find out what it’s like experiencing this unique kind of high that only THCH can offer.

Feelings of Euphoria

The psychoactive compounds in THCH contributes to the feelings of joy, excitement, and euphoria while high. This feeling is what most smokers chase after, and the THCH is one of the best compounds on the market to provide it.

Many have described the feeling of THCH as extremely unique and pleasurable when compared to other forms of THC. Thanks to THCH’s distinct composition, you’ll find yourself floating on Cloud 9 without worrying about any intense side effects or symptoms.


If you’re having trouble loosening up and relaxing after long weeks at work, then this might just be the answer you’re looking for. THCH comes in various forms, such as tinctures, disposable vapes, gummies, and more. Taking small doses of THCH can contribute greatly to your mood and stress levels. Luckily, this also means you can still enjoy the wonders of recreational drugs while on vacation or away from home without the hassle of bringing a bong.

Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain can be overwhelming, especially if you experience it on a daily basis. This is why the marijuana community swears by the tremendous healing powers of THCH.

This potent drug can alleviate any painful and uncomfortable symptoms caused by chronic physical conditions. When taken in small but frequent doses, you’ll find that THCH can act as a soothing source of pain relief.

Mental Relief

Maintaining one’s mental health is extremely important for one’s overall wellbeing, and taking healthy doses of THCH can actually help with that. Thanks to its relaxing and euphoric benefits, many enthusiasts turn to THC-H for relief from the negative symptoms of conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Aside from mental conditions, you can also utilize these benefits as a form of stress relief after a harrowing week at work. If you’ve been losing sleep over stressful events in your personal or work life, then maybe sneaking in a taste of THCH gummies or other THCH products might just be the answer for you.

Physical Buzz

Much like other cannabis and hemp products, THCH may produce a light physical buzz in your body. You might feel it first in your fingers or toes as it works its way to the rest of your body. You’ll also feel it heavily in your forehead or temple area.

If you feel quite jittery or restless after taking a hint of THCH, you’re on the right track! What you’re feeling is the THCH doing what it does best — giving you the experience of a lifetime!

Dry/Red Eyes

If you’re taking THCH in public, then you’ll want to watch out for the classic dry and red eye dilemma. This phenomenon might be extremely inconvenient, but the science behind it is actually quite interesting. What happens is that our cannabinoid receptors have been designed in a way that regulates the moisture in our eyes. Once these receptors are binded to the cannabinoids in THCH, then our eyes are bound to be affected one way or another. 

To avoid this, a simple eyedrop will always come in handy for emergencies and last minute highs.

Increased Appetite

We all know what it’s like to get munchies during a trip, and THCH is no different. Scientifically, THC activates a certain cannabinoid receptor that causes a spike in appetite.

You might find yourself craving more food than you’re used to — and that’s completely normal! As long as you’re not stuffing yourself like crazy, don’t feel bad about downing another microwaved meal or slice of pizza you’re suddenly in the mood for.

Types of THC-H Products

types of thch products

Since THC-H is relatively new to the market, it’s not as easy to find as other hemp products with other cannabinoids. However, the accessibility to these products no longer has to be a problem. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, Bay Smokes has got you covered for all your THCH product needs!

THC-H Vapes 

The great thing about THC-H is that in comes in nearly every form possible. One of the quickest and most convenient way to achieve that perfect high is with disposable THCH-vapes. And the best part is that these vapes are still very potent while being lightweight and discreet.

Bay Smoke THCH disposable vapes are one-of-a kind as it combines a masterful mix of THCH, Delta 8 THC, and THCjd in strains of OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Grand Daddy Purp. To ensure you only get the purest of highs, Bay Smoke vapes contain distillate that is guaranteed to be 100% hemp. This all-organic combination provides smokers with a blend similar to Indica, thus producing a euphoric high even on the go.

Since the cannabinoids are being inhaled, you’ll only need to wait a few moments to feel the joys of being high. Usually, these effects will last about two to three hours before you might need to take another hit.

THC-H Vape Cartridges

If you’re a fan of vaping on the go, THC-H cartridges might be the answer. Vape cartridges come pre-filled with our magical blend of THC and other THC cannabinoids, such as THCjd. This cannabinoid is extremely sought after in the weed community because it’s known to be up to 19 times stronger than standard THC. Mixed with pure cannabis terpenes and Delta 8, these cartridges contain only plant-based and high quality ingredients.

This all-natural, hemp-derived goodness is a great way to start dabbling into THC. Since it comes in different strains and various blends, vape cartridges are the perfect way to experiment and discover your strain of choice! You might be surprised to find which strain matches the kind of high you’re searching for. It could also be a fun way to bond with a marijuana buddy — share a cartridge or two and get on the high of your lives!

THC-H Tincture

THC-H tinctures have become wildly popular within the cannabis community due to its versatility and accessibility. Comprised of high quality THCH, these tinctures can be consumed under the tongue or even just rubbed on your neck. Due to the fast-acting nature of the tincture, many have found THCH tinctures extremely pleasurable and efficient for achieving an out-of-this-world experience. You’ll find that the effects of this product will last you up to five hours or more.

More so, you can also infuse these oils into any food or drink of your choice. If you’re hesitant about tasting the oil directly, then you’ll definitely enjoy mixing in this product with your favorite meal!

how is thch made

How is THCH made?

First discovered in 2020 by Italian scientists, THCH is isolated from cannabis plants and harnessed for its high-inducing properties. This compound is extremely sought after due to its unique molecular structure. Not many may know this, but ‘regular THC’ is comprised of a five-carbon sidechain. The THC you may know, such as THC-O, THC-P, Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, and Delta 10 THC, contain this specific composition that gives users an amazing and out-of-this-world experience. Now, imagine if that sidechain was even longer. Yes, THCH is hailed for its six-carbon hexyl sidechain that binds more effectively to your cannabinoid receptors, thus giving you a stronger high. Through the scientific process known as isomerization, we are now able to enjoy the wonders of THCH. Weed enthusiasts have also mentioned that THCH can give you a longer high. Your tolerance for THC might be a good baseline, but it’s quite likely you’ll react differently to THCH. So, if you’re about to go on your very first THCH product, make sure your schedule lets you kick back and genuinely enjoy the ride.

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The THC lifestyle can be difficult to maintain if you don’t know the right places to go. Lucky for you, Bay Smokes was created to offer the best THC products the market has seen. As the one-stop shop for all your THC cannabis needs, Bay Smokes offers a delectable range of high quality products, such as gummies, distillate, flower, and vapes for THC, THCV, HHC, Delta 8, and more.

This wide selection of all-natural goodness might just be the life-changing experience you’ve been looking for. Why waste your time and energy at other stores when Bay Smokes already has it all?

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THCH vs.
Delta 9 THC

If you’re fairly new to THCH, then you might be wondering if there are stark differences between Delta 9 THC, which is a lot easier to find in the market, and THCH. The good news is if you’re accustomed to getting your high from Delta 9, then THCH won’t be much of an adjustment. Both forms of THC produce similar effects, such as elevated feelings of joy, heightened senses, increased compulsion, and more. 

The main difference lies in the potency of THCH, which is known to be significantly stronger than Delta 9 THC and other forms of THC. As mentioned earlier, THCH possess a longer carbon sidechain when compared to Delta 9 THC, which explains its increased potency.

Since each person reacts to THC differently, it’s worth remembering that first timers should still take the necessary measures to consume THC in a safe manner. No one wants the dreaded “bad trip” simply because you may have been too excited and took too much at once. 

Why Buy THC-H
Bay Smokes?

We only carry the highest quality natural products at the best prices to give you the best THC-H experience! When buying THC-H you want a company that:

  • Has Real Customer Reviews With A Satisfaction Gurntee!
  • Third-Party Lab Tested COAs (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Natural ingredients grown with no preservatives or additives during the grow and after harvest
  • USA Sourced Hemp

We also provide real research and studies within our blog if you would like to learn more about delta 8 and other THC hemp products. We are always here to help via e-mail or phone if you have questions about buying or using delta 8 products. Go to our contact us page to reach out!

Since majority of drug tests are standardized to search for traces of THC, it’s quite likely that it will be detected. Though there are not enough tests to validate this, it might be best to watch your THC consumption if you’re expecting a drug test anytime soon.

Yes, THC-H is very much legal. The Farm Bill decriminalized all byproducts of the hemp plant, as long as it consists of less than 0.3% of Delta 9. Since THCH falls under that category, the federal legality of THCH remains intact. This means that THCH is legal to buy, sell, ship, and consume across all states of the US.

Like any THC product, THC-H will produce feelings of lightheadedness and delayed motor functions. You may also experience a dry mouth and red eyes, which might give you away if you’re high in public. As a disclaimer, it’s worth noting that each person reacts to THC-H differently, so it would be best to monitor your physical and mental state for the first hour after taking THC-H.

A THC-H high is relatively more potent than a high from other THCH products. This is attributed to the difference in molecular structures. With its six-carbon hexyl sidechain, THC-H promises users a high like none other. The effects also last much longer, which makes this hemp-derived compound all the more worth it.

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