THCh:THCjd Tincture

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This tincture is made using the highest quality THCh and THCjd infused into a premium MCT oil for fast and effective absorption. Peppermint flavoring is added to make every drop fresh. Peppermint oil is also thought to aid in the entourage effect.

With 20mg (20,000μg) of THCh and THCjd per bottle, each ml of this tincture is a 660μg serving of THCh and THCjd. Approximately 33μg/drop.

Our signature THCh and THCjd blend is at a ratio of approximately 1:2 ratio.

This THCh & THCjd Tincture, simply put, is a cannabis-infused oil that can be consumed in any way you may orally or topically consume oil.

Some prefer drops under the tongue, others even use the oil to rub on their knuckles or neck.

Everyone is affected differently by cannabinoids so the best way to find out what works for you is to try it yourself.

THCh:THCjd Tincture

$35.00 or $29.75 every 2 weeks

In stock