Eat My Shrooms – Mushroom Gummies

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Eat My Shrooms! These are the best mushroom gummies on the market hands down. While this is not a psilocybin gummy, it feels much like it. The blend of mitragynine, low dose of Delta 9 THC, and Amanita Muscaria extracted muscimol creates the perfect psychedelic blend.
Be prepared for the trip of a lifetime with Eat My Shrooms gummies!
  • Must be 21 years or older to purchase Kratom and Amanita. The FDA has not approved Kratom as a dietary supplement. We do not ship Kratom to the following US States, Counties, and Cities where Kratom is restricted: AL, AR, IN, RI, VT, WI, Sarasota County (FL), Union County (NC), Denver (CO), San Diego (CA), and Oceanside (CA). We do not ship Amanita Muscaria to the state of Louisiana

Eat My Shrooms - Mushroom Gummies

$29.99 or $25.49 every 2 weeks