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MAC – THCa Flower


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mac strain description

Mac 1, also known as “The MAC,” is a hybrid marijuana strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. Mac 1 is a popular strain that consumers turn to for upbeat and balancing effects. MAC THCa cannabis strain is evenly balanced, boasting 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.

This THCa strain was first introduced to the market by a breeder named Capulator. He originally crossed an F2 Alien Cookies with a unique hybrid that combined a Colombian landrace with Starfighter, resulting in Miracle 15. As a hybrid, MAC offers users the best of both worlds regarding effects.


MAC’s THCa nugs are a dense, Instagram-worthy strain with stunning buds that are virtually white and drenched in milky trichomes. Its buds are tall and grape-shaped, with sparse orange hairs and a covering of tiny white crystal trichomes that add to their aesthetic attractiveness.


MAC cannabis strain promises a unique flavor profile. Users can expect a sour citrus taste, further enriched with a spicy, earthy overtone that turns sweeter upon exhalation. Its aroma doesn’t shy away either; it carries potent notes of earthy herbs, pungent diesel, and a sour dankness that can dominate a room.


Those who indulge in MAC can anticipate feelings of euphoric creativity and uplifting happiness. These effects are complemented by a profound relaxation that settles deeply, ensuring calmness in both the mind and body. Medical marijuana patients use this strain for chronic pain relief, stress, anxiety, etc.

mac thc levels

THC Level

MAC’s THC content typically falls between 20% to 23%, making it relatively potent. This strain is especially suitable for those seeking a more robust THC experience.

Terpene Profile

  • Limonene (citrus)

  • Pinene (pine)

  • Caryophyllene (pepper)

  • The dominant terpene in MAC is limonene, often associated with citrus scents and believed to help alleviate anxiety and stress. Other notable terpenes include pinene and caryophyllene, which carry a peppery tone.

where to buy mac

Where to Buy Mac Strain Online?

For those looking to experience the unique characteristics of the MAC THCa strain, consider purchasing it from Bay Smokes.

Our platform ensures quality and reliability for all your marijuana needs!

Mac THCa Strain Review:

With a rating of 4.6 from over 500 reviews, MAC is a favorite among users. Its balanced hybrid properties, exquisite flavor profile, and potent effects make it a must-try for recreational and medical marijuana patients.


What Strain Is Mac?

MAC, or Miracle Alien Cookies, is a hybrid strain created by crossing Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Columbian.

Is Mac THCa A Good Strain?

Yes, with a rating of 4.6 from hundreds of users, it’s a highly regarded strain in the community.

Does Mac Strain Help With Anxiety?

Many users, about 20%, have reported that MAC helps alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Is Mac Strain A Pure Sativa?

No, MAC is an evenly balanced hybrid, with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.

What Effects Does Mac Have?

MAC produces feelings of happiness, relaxation, and upliftment. Some users might experience dizziness, anxiety, or dry eyes.

How Long Does Mac Last?

The duration of effects can vary based on individual tolerance, dosage, and method of consumption. Typically, effects from smoked or vaporized cannabis last 2-3 hours.

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