THCa Live Hash Rosin

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Our THCa Live Hash Rosin is made from 40-120 micron bubble hash extracted without the use of solvents. Only ice water and frozen plants are used during the extraction process. This is truly the highest level of quality extract on the market!

Indulge in the world of Live Rosin and unlock the true essence of cannabis. Immerse yourself in its vibrant flavors, potent effects, and unparalleled purity, and experience a whole new level of cannabis enjoyment. Elevate your senses with Live Rosin—the pinnacle of cannabis concentrates.

THCa Rosin has approximately 70-85% THCa and high levels of terpenes. Many consider rosin to be the strongest extract because the terpene and cannabinoid profiles perfectly resemble the live freshly harvested flower.

The many names of THCa extracts can sometimes be confusing so we will help break it down:

“Live” in the name refers to that the product was made from freshly harvested plants. They are typically harvested and frozen immediately to process and preserve the live plants terpene profile.

“Hash Rosin” means the product was made by pressing hash as opposed to flower rosin, which is made by pressing flower in a rosin press. At that, we use bubble hash, also called full melt hash, for all our rosin. Both these terms are synonymous with a quality of hash that will fully melt when dabbed in a rig. This happens when all the plant particles have been fully removed by the correct and smaller-sized filter bags.

5 Star (5*) vs 6 Star (6*) Hash Rosin

All of our live hash rosin strains without 5*, are all 6* rosin. The difference between 5* and 6* is sometimes just the color, and sometimes a slightly less potent flavor. Sometimes our 5* is the second press on fire material, and sometimes if we don’t like the way it comes out, or for ANY reason it is below perfection then we call it 5*. The 5* we sell is still better than most other Hash Rosin on the market, but we are picky with the way we grade hash. Hash Rosin is ranked on a scale of 1-6, although we’ve never seen anything below 5*, so it’s kind of a weird stoner metric thing.

5* Rosin is really good rosin. You could take this stuff to any dab sesh and people would be happy to dab on it. However, if you want to change your life… If you want to try something that makes truly elevates the whole game when it comes to extracts… Then you need to try the 6* rosin. We Bay Smokers are hashheads, so we don’t mess around when it comes to 6* Hash Rosin. Our 6* Tier will no doubt be among the best Rosin you have ever tried. This is not to brag, but just to make you aware of what you’re about to experience. All I can say is; enjoy and you’re welcome.

Live Hash Rosin vs Cured Hash Rosin

Seeing so much price variation in THCa Extracts may make you wonder what determines price and if the quality is worth it. For something like Hash Rosin, you are paying a premium, so you want the best you can get. This is where live vs cured comes into play.

Live rosin is made from freshly harvested flower, so the plant has the most terpenes possible when extracting. Naturally, when flower is curred, to prepare for smoking, it loses some of its fresh terpene profile in the process. Terpenes are highly volatile, which means they will evaporate easily.

So the fresher you get your flower, the more terpenes it will still have. When you find cured hash rosin, it is made from hash that came from cured flower, which will have less terpenes and flavor in the final rosin. If you want the best rosin, always stick with live hash rosin!


THCa Live Hash Rosin

$59.99 $222.00 or from $50.99 $188.70 every 2 weeks