Greenhouse THCa Flower

$27.99 $129.99 or from $23.79 $110.49 every 2 weeks

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Our greenhouse flower is grown in sealed/indoor glass greenhouses with temperature and humidity control and light dep shades. All the greenhouse strains are grown in living solid and flushed properly at the end of the growing cycle! Typical greenhouse strains range from 18-25% THCa, which is slightly bellow that of indoor grown THCa Flower.

Flower grown in greenhouses takes advantage of the natural sunlight and is less expensive to grow than indoor flower so we can sell them at these VERY affordable prices! Some people say greenhouse flower can even have more complex flavor and cannabinoid profiles because of the full spectrum of light waves that the sun offers.

Cannabis-hemp flower grown inside greenhouses often is more fluffy than indoor flower as this is a more natural environment and growing pattern of the plant. Greenhouses get much hotter than the environment of a well-kept indoor grow also, and this can also cause the flower to be more fluffy/leafy.

To exercise a further level of control and to improve the quality, our greenhouses are equipt with light dep curtains (or light deprivation shades), which allows the growers to completely block out all light during certain hours of the day. Controlling the light cycle that the plants receive allows the grower to dial in the growth of the plants as well as the production of cannabinoids and terpenes.

At these prices, you cant beat the offer! Enjoy the $129.99/oz every day of the week, or mix and match 8ths to try a ton of new strains for only $27.99 each!

Stay blessed and thank you for shopping with us at Bay Smokes 🙂

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Greenhouse THCa Flower

$27.99 $129.99 or from $23.79 $110.49 every 2 weeks