Cookie Mints – THCa Flower

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Cookie Mints

Cookie Mints is a classic hybrid THCa strain for a reason. It doesn’t taste as sweet as you might expect, but the effects are sweet enough to make up for it. 


Cookie Mints is a cross between two other popular strains: Kush Mints and Animal Cookies. Kush Mints is a hybrid strain that’s sweet, minty, and equally uplifting and relaxing. Animal Cookies is another hybrid strain. This one has a sharp, sweet flavor and is known for being potent, relaxing, and munchie-inducing. 


If you’re looking for a hybrid that truly combines the best of an indica and the best of a sativa, Cookie Mints is a great choice to try. It’s uplifting and relaxing at the same time, so you can expect to feel carefree and chilled-out when you’re puffing on Cookie Mints. Be prepared, though — Cookie Mints might give you an intense case of the munchies. Invite over some friends to watch a movie, jam, or just hang out — and remember to have snacks on hand for after the smoke sesh, too. 


Cookie Mints has a slightly surprising flavor. This hybrid THCa flower is cheesy and lemony in a super delicious way. With a hint of savory herbs on the exhale, it’s basically a five-star meal that you can pack into a bong. Maybe that’s why it gives us the munchies!


Flavors: Cheesy, lemony, and herbal — like an appetizer at a luxurious restaurant. 

Effects: Uplifting and relaxing at the same time with a strong chance of the munchies later on. 


THCa is a cannabinoid that’s found naturally in hemp and marijuana plants. THCa turns into Delta-9 THC when you add heat. This process is also known as decarboxylation. You probably already know all about decarbing flower — it’s what you do when you smoke, vaporize, or make edibles. 

That’s also why eating raw flower won’t get you high, but smoking it or baking it into brownies will. Raw flower is super high in THCa. 

THCa flower is flower that’s been specially bred to have high levels of THCa. 

If THCa flower has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight, it’s federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Good news — Bay Smokes THCa flower has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

We know you’ve been waiting for this one — yes, THCa flower will get you high! It has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, but a lot of THCa. THCa turns into D9 when you smoke it, use it in a vaporizer, or use it to make edibles. 

Because THCa turns into regular Delta-9 THC when it gets heated up, smoking THCa feels just like smoking D9. 

THCa is basically as strong as Delta-9 THC. It’s a super powerful cannabinoid, so take it low and slow when you first try it. Cheers!

You can use THCa just like you use any kind of bud. Grind it up, pack it into a bowl or bong, roll a blunt or a joint, or use it to make homemade edibles. You can also use it in a vaporizer, bubbler, or whatever your favorite way to smoke is. 

Cookie Mints - THCa Flower

$45.00 $250.00 or from $38.25 $212.50 every 2 weeks