Zack’s Cake – THCa Flower

$40.00 $210.00 or from $34.00 $178.50 every 2 weeks

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Zack’s Cake presents itself as an impeccably harmonized hybrid, featuring an equal split of 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics. Originating from the purposeful crossbreeding of Zack’s Pie and Jungle Cake strains, this flower is not only revered for its distinguished ancestry but also for its flavor that’s swiftly gaining iconic status among cannabis enthusiasts.

Each draw from Zack’s Cake offers a burst of mouthwatering flavors, turning every session into a culinary delight. But its allure isn’t limited to taste alone; the strain stands as a beacon for those aiming for undistracted focus. Be it during a task-filled day or a moment of introspection, Zack’s Cake provides a foundation of sharpness and concentration.

Zack's Cake - THCa Flower

$40.00 $210.00 or from $34.00 $178.50 every 2 weeks