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gushers thca flower

Gushers Strain

Also known as White Gushers and White Gusherz, this indica-dominant hybrid first hit West Coast dispensaries in 2010. More recently, however, there’s been a substantial spike in the demand for Gushers. Thanks to its uplifting effects and delightful flavors, the Gushers is a mood-enhancing treat for most smokers.


With its tinge of purple and amber hairs, this gnarly-looking marijuana strain looks exactly how it feels: bold, bright, and trippy. It’s definitely a strain that’s hard to miss!

Prepare to be amazed by the sparkling beauty of this indica strain when examining its tightly packed buds. When buying Gusher from dispensaries, make sure to take a closer look at its trichome profile as this is a sign of proper harvesting and cultivation. With its rich olive green hues and mesmerizing colors, Gusher buds are truly a visual spectacle to behold. 


The Gushers strain is especially unique because it combines sweet and sour flavors with its tangy taste profile and sweet high notes. Thanks to the cookies fam genetics that come from the Gushers #41 parent strain, you’ll be surprised to enjoy the creamy cookie undertones.


The effects of Gushers can come in two waves. First, you’ll feel a boost of energy and happiness that’ll keep you sociable and adventurous. If you’re feeling tingly and giggly, then you’re definitely feeling the initial effects of this indica-dominant strain. After this first wave, you’re bound to calm down a bit and feel more relaxed and focused than anything. 

Overall, this strain is a fantastic option for different kinds of smokers. Whether you’re looking for a bump in your social skills or dealing with chronic pain, it’s always a hit with Gushers.

THC Level

While the Gushers weed strain may vary among growers, its THC levels are usually over 20%. Anything above 15-20% is usually considered high THC content, which means enjoying Growers is definitely no joke. Remember, everyone’s response to THCa can vary greatly, so make sure to start slow and listen to your body!


This marijuana strain has a terpene profile primarily comprised of myrcene, pinene, and limonene. The terpenes and trichomes are responsible for the unique taste of these fruity nugs.

where to buy gushers strain online

Where to Buy Gushers Strain Online? 

Wondering where you can try out Gushers for yourself? Look no further, Bay Smokes sells excellent Gushers flower ranging from 3.5g up to 28g. Better stock up when you can because this best-selling strain runs out quick!

Strain Review

Gushers cannabis is a stand-out strain with its visually striking appearance, vibrant personality, and highly distinct taste. Get ready to be transported to a world of sweetness with sour tropical fruits in one hand and creamy cookies in another.

When it comes to the strain effects, Gushers truly doesn’t disappoint. Starting with an extremely pleasurable burst of energy, it adds an instant skip in your step wherever you go! With just a few puffs, you’ll feel all the built-up stress and tension melt away, leaving you at absolute ease. Because of its calming effects, Gushers has become the go-to for smokers who need help handling symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and other mental conditions. 

Overall, this strain can pack quite a punch with its sweet delights, energetic boosts, and fruity aromas, all of which will have you coming back for seconds!

Gushers is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, but you’ll be surprised how much energy that comes with this powerful strain. Since most indica strains are known for being laid back and relaxing, Gushers marijuana offers the best of both worlds for smokers. With just a few puffs, you can expect to feel a burst of uplifting energy that simply melts your worries away.

Gushers is quite popular within the weed scene thanks to the flower’s invigorating properties and delicious undertones. With its fruity and gummy taste profile, this indica strain can captivate any weed novice or expert.

This weed strain is great combination of Triangle Kush and Gelato #41. Triangle Kush is best known for its powerful yet balanced potency, which is what contributes to the longlasting euphoria found in Gushers. On the other hand, Gelato #41 packs a punch with its sweet and fruity flavors, as well as its entrancing aromas. Together, these parent strains create the absolutely delightful Gushers marijuana strain.

While it’s hard to determine the exact ratio of indica to sativa in each batch of Gushers, this particular strain has a definite indica lean. Typically associated with providing relaxating and therapeutic side effects, indica strains are perfect for people looking to wind down after a long day or calming down from stressful situations. 

While it’s true that everyone reacts to cannabis differently, both kind of strains can induce feelings of strong hunger cravings, also known as munchies. However, when it comes down to it, sativa strains are generally known for being less likely to trigger intense munchies.

When it comes to cannabis strains, indica strains are better known for their hunger-inducing properties. The munchies can be much stronger when smoking up an indica-dominant strain, so be sure to have some snacks ready in the pantry! That being said, a smoke sesh with Gusher marijuana is never complete without a food coma by the end of it.

It’s difficult to determine what “most hight” means as there are numerous factors that can influence the way you feel after smoking. To name a few, a person’s physiology, metabolism, sleep health, weed tolerance, and chosen method of consumption are essential contributors to getting high. Every person’s perception of “getting high” can also wildly differ. Most people prefer feeling couch-locked during a trippy body high, while others prefer being mentally buzzed.

That being said, there is no one strain that will get you the “most high”, but you can definitely explore what strains make you feel the best physically and mentally.

Yes! Weed has the uncanny ability to make any smoker laugh regardless of the strain. But if you’re looking for specifics, it might be helpful to familiarize yourself with the general qualities of these strains. Indica strains such as Gushers can help you feel calmer, more relaxed, and less mentally strained. Meanwhile, sativa strains are bound to make anyone feel extra energetic and uplifted. This bump in energy from sativa strains might make you laugh a bit more compared to smoking indica.

Since each person reacts to cannabis strains differently, it’s difficult to gauge which strains won’t make you sleepy. Thanks to the peaceful strain effects of indica, it’s quite likely that you’ll feel a bit slowed down. Gushers marijuana, however, offers more energy than most indica strains. This well-balanced strain can help you calm down while also enhancing your focus.

Gushers - THCa Flower

$35.00 $190.00 or from $29.75 $161.50 every 2 weeks