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Monkey Berry- THCa Flower

Monkey Berry- THCa Flower


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Monkey Berry Strain Description

Monkey Berry Strain Description

Looking to add a fresh and exciting new strain to your cannabis collection? Monkey Berries are the hottest thing on the market right now! Also known as Monkey Berry, this hybrid strain is known for its incredible flavor profile and euphoric effects. Thanks to its balanced indica/sativa ratio, Monkey Berries delivers a powerful punch of relaxing body highs and uplifting mental highs.

With the passed-down properties of Strawberries and Cream and Grease Monkey, this delightful hybrid strain has quickly become a beloved favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Strawberry and Cream is notorious for its mood-enhancing effects that will have you flying high as a kite in no time. There’s no denying that its sweet strawberry tinge and creamy undertone is an absolute delight to the senses!

On the other hand, the indica-dominant Grease Monkey has established itself as a distinct strain with its earthy and diesel-like undertones. Nonetheless, this complex and memorable strain never fails to attract the intrigue of seasoned smokers.

When tracing back the history of the Monkey Berry strain, it’s unclear which growers were behind this captivating strain. However, with its rise to popularity in recent years, there’s no denying that Monkey Berry has captured the hearts and loyalty of cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. With just a few puffs of this kush, you’re in for a relaxing and mind-blowing high for the next few hours!

While this strain can come in many different flavors, you’re most likely to find Monkey Berry in flavors such as Mint, Butter, and Apricot in local dispensaries. With a flowering period of about 56-60 days, it certainly makes the wait worth it!


Most cannabis connoisseurs can agree that Monkey Berries has a fascinating visual appearance that sets it apart from other strains. With its heart-shaped nugs and fluffy exterior, this strain is truly a sight to behold. 

When taking a much closer look, prepare to be amazed by the striking red-orange hairs that coat this majestic strain. To complete the overall display, Monkey Berries also boast a blanket of white-purple crystals and trichomes that add to the strain’s regal aura.


Once you catch your first whiff of Monkey Berries, there’s no going back! With its alluring sweet scent fused with spicy undertones of pepper, this strain promises a viscerally satisfying experience for every kind of smoker. Whether you’re going solo on a blunt or hotboxing with a few pals, this hybrid strain makes it incredibly easy to immerse yourself in the aromas that come with each hit.

As the name suggests, Monkey Berry flower delivers a sweet and creamy flavor with just a few puffs. The more you enjoy this strain, the more you’ll begin to detect the underlying earthy and darker undertones that come from the Greasy Monkey strains. 


This indica-leaning strain has gained a cult following thanks to its highly pleasurable high. From the first few hits, expect to feel a warm and relaxing sensation coursing through your body. Don’t be surprised if you literally feel your tension and stress melt away with this strain. 

Thanks to the naturally relaxing properties of indica, all it takes is a few moments to find yourself in an extremely peaceful and euphoric state of mind. The best part is that it won’t leave you entirely incapable of coherent thought and action. While you will feel super relaxed, Monkey Berry specializes in relaxing users while also helping them sharpen their focus for creative and stimulating activities.

That being said, Monkey Berry is perfect for alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other health issues. With its full-bodied effects, imagine feeling both mentally and physically uplifted. This strain is also an amazing option for kickstarting a social gathering or taking a few puffs before a productive work session. Its unique blend of terpenes and cannabinoids makes it a perfect candidate for rolling a joint on the go. 

THC Level 

Craving for an extra-strong hit? Monkey Berry kush comes in different THC levels depending on the grower, but one can expect anywhere from 21% to 23% THC in those nugs. 

For any beginner who might be wondering about the appropriate amount of THC, anything above 20% is typically considered high THC levels. 

But whether you’re a longtime smoker or a newbie to the weed scene, make sure to start off slow with any new strain. Everyone reacts to weed differently, so it’s always safer and easier to gradually build up your body’s tolerance to newer strains.


Monkey Berry’s signature scent and tastes is largely thanks to its unique terpene profile. With a major presence of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene, this strain offers an irresistible aroma and flavor that is hard to find elsewhere!

For less experienced smokers, understanding terpenes might seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s actually simpler than one might think! Imagine you’re baking a cake. Each ingredient is essential to the overall flavor, texture, and aroma of the final product. Similarly, terpenes are responsible for creating the overall ambience and experience that comes with smoking cannabis.

One of the more dominant terpenes in this strain would be limonene, which is well-known for its ability to alleviate stress, anxiety, and other debilitating mental conditions. It also carries a citrusy scent, which contributes to Monkey Berry’s signature fruity profile. 

On the other hand, caryophyllene also plays a major role in this strain’s distinct sensory experience. This particular terpene is most known for its down-to-earth and musky aroma. Additionally, caryophyllene helps treat any anti-inflammatory and anxiety-related symptoms as an added bonus.

Overall, the unique combination of Monkey Berry’s terpenes helps create an extremely satisfying high, coupled with unique aromas and delectable flavors.

Where to Buy Monkey Berry Strain Online?

Where to Buy Monkey Berry Strain Online?

Now that you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of Monkey Strain and its beneficial effects, you might be wondering where you can try this strain for yourself. Look no further, Bay Smokes offers high-quality Monkey Berry in dosages from 3.5g to 28g. With great customer reviews, there’s no question that this is the place to be to buy top-notch Monkey Berry.

If it’s your first time buying with Bay Smokes, prepare to be a treated to a first-time buyer discount as well!

Strain Review:

At first glance, the Monkey Berry appears to be a gnarly-looking flower with its reddish tinge and thick coat of crystal-like trichomes. When taking a closer look, you’ll be surprised at how magical these nugs can be. 

The Monkey Berry comes as a cross of two beloved strains: the Strawberries & Cream and Greasy Monkey.


What Is Monkey Berries Strain?

The Monkey Berry strain is a well-known hybrid strain known for its fruity flavors and blissful type of highs. With its indica lean, you’re bound to feel extra relaxed, peaceful, and uplifted after just a few hits.

Is Monkey Berries Indica?

While Monkey Berries is considered a hybrid strain, it is most definitely an indica-dominant strain.

What Is The Strongest Indica Strain In The World?

There are a few strains that are considered the strongest indica strains. Some notable names would be White Rhino, Hindu Kush, Skywalker Purple, Gorilla Glue, and more. While Monkey Berry isn’t necessarily the strongest indica strain in the world, this indica-dominant strain certainly promises a powerful sensation of relaxation and stress-relief for every smoker. 

Is There A Strain That Is 100% Indica?

Yes, there are strains that are 100% indica, such as the Double Glock, Mazar, Deep Chunk, Night Queen, and more. These completely pure strains may be a bit hard to come by, but its strong indica effects can have anyone melting into their couch!

What Is A 100% Indica Strain?

A 100% indica strain would refer to cannabis strains that are completely indica without any significant traces of sativa. That being said, these types of strains are not easy to come by as more popular strains will have touches of sativa to level out the overall experience for smokers.

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