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What is Delta-10 THC?

best delta 10 gummies

Delta-10 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid compound that exists in limited amounts in cannabis plants. When isolated in consumable forms, such as gummies, Delta-10 gives users a mild yet uplifting high. 

Comparatively, Delta-9 THC — the primary cannabinoid found in hemp plants and used in cannabis sativa products — gives users an intense, sometimes anxiety-inducing high. Delta-10 THC is a less potent alternative to Delta-9 and Indica cannabis. However, at this time, production and use are generally unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and state governments. Thus, we are still learning more about the effects, uses, and potential risks of this cannabinoid. 

What Effects Does Delta-10 Have?

Delta-10 THC gives users feelings of relaxation and stress alleviation, according to available anecdotal reports. The sensation is generally calming and somewhat energizing but not very euphoric, unlike what you would typically feel using Delta-9 THC. While some users have reported feelings of euphoria, it is not nearly as intense as other cannabinoids.

At this time, Delta-10 THC is still new to the cannabis market. More research is needed to understand exactly how it interacts with receptors in your endocannabinoid system and what other effects users may feel. Reportedly, Delta-10 usage has significantly fewer incidents of paranoia and anxiety than other cannabinoids. However, there may be other positive or negative psychoactive effects we are not yet aware of. 

Best Delta-10 Gummies

The best Delta-10 gummies should be strong enough for you to feel their full effects and flavorful enough to avoid tasting their THC oils and terpenes. BaySmokes’ Delta-10 edibles achieve this and more with multipacks of potent, tasty, and fun-shaped gummies to get your high started right. Visit BaySmokes’ online shop to choose the best Delta-10 products for you. 

Delta-10 Gummy Sour Bears

Delta-10 sour gummy bears look like standard gummy bears but carry a sour taste and Delta-10’s calming kick. Each bar contains 25 milligrams of Delta-10 THC, adding up to 400 milligrams in this 16-pack of gummies. 

Delta-10 Gummy Worms

Shaped like candy worms, BaySmokes’ Delta-10 gummy worms taste good and will feel even better after an hour. They’re the perfect way to start a calm yet nostalgic high. 

Delta-10 Gummy Watermelon Slices

Watermelon is an increasingly popular flavor among edibles thanks to its subtle yet irresistible taste. BaySmokes’ Delta-10 watermelon gummies don’t just taste like watermelon but are also shaped like watermelon slices.

Delta-10 Gummy Peach Rings

Once you eat one candy peach ring, it can be difficult not to shove more in your mouth. BaySmokes’ Delta-10 peach rings contain 25 milligrams each, so be sure to keep track of how many of these fruit-flavored gummies you consume at once to avoid stronger, more uncomfortable effects.

Delta-10 Gummy Cubes

For those seeking more simplistic gummy shapes, check out Delta-10 gummy cubes. These chewy gummies contain assorted flavors for a different experience in every cube.

What’s Great About Delta-10?

Many people prefer Delta-10 THC over other cannabinoids because of how strongly and consistently it relieves stress, tension, and anxiety. Many people use Delta-10 as an alternative to standard cannabis products to avoid their overwhelming effects or in states where standard cannabis is not yet legal.

Benefits of Delta-10 THC can include:

• Stress relief

• Pain relief

• Decreased anxiety

• Improved mood

• Help to fall asleep

• Mild feelings of euphoria

Do Delta-10 THC Gummies Make You High?

Delta-10 gummies give most users a calming and relaxing high that is not nearly as psychoactive as other gummies. People who’ve used Delta-10 report highs that are more focused and energized and less potent than most other THC options that are available.

How Strong Are Delta-10 Gummies?

Delta-10 gummies’ effects are significantly less potent than Delta-9 gummies and even less potent than Delta-8 gummies, making them a beneficial alternative for people seeking a calming, non-overwhelming high. However, taking more Delta-10 gummies than your body is prepared to handle could cause stronger, more uncomfortable effects, such as intense euphoria, paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, and sleepiness. Be aware of your limits when using Delta-10 gummies for the most relaxing experience possible. 

How Much THC Is In Delta-10?

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta-10 gummies and other hemp products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC to stay compliant with federal law. This is the same threshold placed on CBD, Delta-8, HHC, and THC-O products. Delta-10 THC products containing more than 0.3% THC would be considered “non-hemp cannabis” or “marijuana” and are not currently protected by federal law.

Unfortunately, some Delta-10 manufacturers may not follow these laws and could include a potentially dangerous percentage of THC in their products, particularly in states where Delta-10 is unregulated. Improperly synthesized Delta-10 could cause short-term and long-term risks we are not yet aware of, so it’s critical to find a Delta-10 manufacturer that complies with all federal, state, and local laws. Additionally, make sure your Delta-10 manufacturer has had third-party lab tests done, evidenced by a Certificate of Analysis (COA). 

How Long Does the High Last?

how long does delta 10 edible high last

Users may feel the effects of a Delta-10 high for up to six hours after consumption, though most of the effects will likely feel minimal after four hours. Variables that could impact how long you feel Delta-10’s effects — and how strongly you feel them during this time — include your tolerance level, energy level, and the number of gummies you took.

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9 vs. Delta-10

Delta-9 THC is the primary cannabinoid in hemp plants responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects. Most standard THC users are familiar with Delta-9, as it’s the most popular cannabinoid used in cannabis-based recreational drugs. The high it gives is well known for its potent, euphoric feelings. However, some users report overwhelming feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness when using Delta-9 products.

Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC are relatively much newer within the cannabis market after being federally legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill. Both Delta-8 and Delta-10 give users significantly less potent highs than Delta-9, making them more desirable for people seeking cannabis’s calming effects without its overwhelming outcomes. Of the two, Delta-10 seems to be the least potent while still delivering a full-body calm, but more research is needed to clarify these findings.

How Do You Dose Delta-10 Gummies?

delta 10 gummy dosing guide

Delta-10 gummies are generally easier to dose than Delta-10 vapes, tinctures, and oils, thanks to how they are produced. Most gummies are individually portioned to have 10 milligrams of THC each, while others are portioned at 5 milligrams, 25 milligrams, or more. These pre-dosed gummies make it easier to track exactly how much Delta-10 you consume.

People new to Delta-10 should start with only 5 to 15 milligrams their first time, even if they’ve used other THC gummies in the past. This may require cutting a 25-milligram gummy in half for a smaller dosage. Occasional Delta-10 users should not have more than 20 to 30 milligrams at once, and experienced users should not have more than 40 to 50 milligrams. 

If you don’t feel the effects of Delta-10 gummies, wait at least 30 to 60 minutes before increasing your dosage. Every person’s response to Delta-10 is different, and some people may need more or fewer Delta-10 gummies to feel their full effects. Factors that could impact how strongly you feel Delta-10 THC’s effects include:

• Tolerance level

• Age

• Weight

• Tiredness

• How much you’ve recently eaten

• Current medications

• Existing medical conditions

Best Delta 8 Flower - Why Bay Smokes Has Them!

If you’re unfamiliar with Delta 8 THC flower, now’s the time to get familiar. Delta 8 flower is a quality strain of cannabis that has a pleasantly mild effect with the same great look, taste, and smell as other quality, high-potency cannabis strains. This product has become more popular as a dosing method lately as more people experience its healing effects in pain reduction, stress relief, and sleep assistance.

Delta 8 products are growing in popularity due to their reputation for producing a milder, more manageable high than Delta 9 products. The feelings are similar to the effects of Delta 9, and Delta 8 THC flower affects the CB1 receptors in your brain similarly to but not as aggressively as Delta 9 THC. The result is that lovers of Delta 8 THC flower report less paranoia and anxiety without losing the feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief.

Bay Smokes carries only high-quality Delta 8 flower and is dedicated to giving you the best high Delta 8 offers. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Delta 8 flower so that you can feel confident, safe, and excited when you purchase through Bay Smokes.

What Is Delta 8 THC Flower?

To create Delta 8 THC flower, a distillate of Delta 8 THC is sprayed onto CBD hemp flower. If that sounds a little too scientific, don’t worry — it’s not as wild as it sounds.

Delta 8 THC is a natural cannabinoid found in most varieties of cannabis, but it only occurs in very low levels. Although Delta 8 is a natural cannabinoid, there are no naturally occurring Delta 8 strains, so Delta 8 THC flower products are usually created from hemp by converting CBD extract into an isomer compound that is added to cannabis flower products. This process is called isomerization, and it’s what creates the distillate that is sprayed onto CBD flower to create the unique and enjoyable Delta 8 flower for consumers who want the psychoactive effects of THC without too much intensity.

Is Delta 8 Flower Legal?

Yes. To make a long story short, the Hemp Farming Bill of 2018 removed hemp from the Schedule I controlled substances list. Hemp is a cannabis with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC content. Delta 8 flower is derived from hemp and offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the multiple cannabinoids present in legal cannabis without crossing the 0.3% threshold of the law with Delta 9 THC.

It should be noted that this legal status is at the federal level, and each state has its own laws regarding cannabis purchase and consumption. You should review the laws specific to your state before purchasing any cannabis products.

What To Look For When Buying Delta 8 Flower

You want to make sure you’re getting high-quality, safe, and legal flower when you purchase, so if you’re looking for Delta 8 flower, there are some things you should keep in mind.

First, the distillate that is used in this product is important. You want to be sure that there are no heavy metals or residual solvents that could be harmful to your health. Bay Smokes takes the quality of this seriously.

You can look for this information on the lab report that comes with each batch of flower or distillate. This lab report is called the certificate of analysis — COA — and it should be on every legitimate cannabis product you buy.

Second, you’ll want to make sure lab tests are reputable and that a third-party tester discovered the results so you can trust in their quality control measures and safety practices when handling marijuana products.

Third, you want to make sure your Delta 8 flower looks, smells, and tastes great. Let’s look into those factors in more depth so you can find the best Delta 8 THC flower for you.

Look and Smell

Since it’s a distillate, Delta 8 typically has no smell of its own. But when it’s infused with flower, it can be very fragrant. The scent will vary depending on your nose as an individual. The smell and taste of your flower will also vary depending on what kind of strain you’re using, how old it is, and how well it’s been stored. Quality Delta 8 flower will smell fresh, with notes of pine, sour citrus, sweetness, and earthiness. If you’re looking for something with a specific flavor or aroma, read about each strain available to find one with the profile you’re looking for.

When it comes to look, a high-quality Delta 8 flower should look full and fluffy — as if it’s still blooming. High-quality flower shouldn’t look smashed or crumbling. Depending on the strain, the color should be bright or deep green. Since Delta 8 THC flower gets its THC potency from the Delta 8 distillate, fewer trichomes may be present, as the THC is provided less from the flower itself.

High-Quality Photos & Reviews

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Sativa Flower – Pineapple OG

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Sativa flower offers a great sweet smell with a pleasantly mellow effect that invigorates and inspires you. The taste and smoke are smooth and potent to ease you into a euphoric feeling without overwhelming you. The Delta 8 THC flower is excellent for a productive day of creativity or to complement an enjoyable activity.

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Indica Flower – Grand Daddy Purp

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Indica is at once sweet and earthy with a pleasant purple tint in the flower. It offers a stress-free calming effect with its smooth smoke, and the flavor and smell hint at grapes and other sweet berries. This Delta 8 flower is excellent for winding down at the end of the day before drifting off to sleep.

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Hybrid Flower – OG Kush

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Hybrid offers the best of both worlds. The OG Kush hybrid will wake you up with its sour citrus smell and earthy flavor. The smoke offers a piney aftertaste and scent, while the mild Delta 8 THC offers a mellow high that won’t weigh you down or get too heady.

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Smalls Flower

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Smalls is a CBD-rich blend to help you step gently into the world of mild cannabinoids. The effect is very mild and great for stress relief in those who are THC sensitive.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

A certificate of analysis — COA — is a document created by a licensed lab that shows the analytical test results for a batch of cannabis products, confirming their potency and purity and ensuring they are safe for consumption. Labs that test cannabis products are looking for what cannabinoids and terpenes are present and at what levels. The COA on your Delta 8 flower product will list these along with their respective concentrations — THC percentage and CBD percentage.

Knowing the content of cannabinoids and their potency is essential in helping you determine if a specific type of Delta 8 flower will help you with any medical symptoms you’re seeking to alleviate. It can also tell you if you will get the psychoactive effects you want.

Other information a COA should include:

  • The report date
  • The name of the lab
  • The name of the brand company
  • A product description
  • Information on testing for contaminants
  • Possibly a QR code to verify all the information

This information not only helps you determine which strain might work best for you but also ensures that the flower went through rigorous testing to confirm that it’s safe for consumption.

When looking at your Delta 8 flower’s COA, be sure to first look for the third-party lab that tested the product — it should be easy to find so that you can verify its legitimacy. You’ll also want to locate the product’s brand and make sure that the lab and product don’t work under the same company. Third-party testing is crucial to legitimizing the lab test results and ensuring that your Delta 8 flower certificate of analysis hasn’t been compromised.

Are There Different Types of Delta 8 Flower Like Cannabis?

Yes. In fact, Delta 8 flower is just like any other flower you buy. It has several cannabinoids at varying levels, depending on the strain you choose. It also will have a CBD to THC ratio, since it begins with hemp flower.

CBD is known to have many positive medical uses, including pain relief, stress relief, and anxiety alleviation. However, CBD does not produce the psychoactive “high” that you may associate with cannabis. Though Delta 8 flower begins as CBD hemp, the result after infusing it with distillate is the same as any other THC cannabis flower.

Delta 8 THC flower comes in the three standard types of cannabis — Indica, Sativa, and hybrid.


Indica is most well-known as a calming and relaxing strain. It’s fantastic after a long day when you need to unwind, destress, and shut off for a while. Indica increases dopamine, which brings on the feelings of euphoria and peace that are associated with it.

Indica is known as having more of a body high than a head high. This means that it isn’t something that will make your creative juices flow freely, but it’s a great strain for pain relief, stress, overthinking, and even to help combat seizures in some patients due to its high CBD content. Indica flower is also often used to treat depression, headaches, and insomnia.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sativa is known for its brightening, uplifting nature. Sativas are popular among medical marijuana patients because they provide more energy and focus. They’re also a good choice if you want to experience a more cerebral high that allows you to think clearly while still feeling relaxed.

Sativas help with things like anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite while not making you feel drained of energy. Sativas also tend to have more THC than Indicas, which means they can produce a more euphoric high. Sativas are great for creatives, as the uplifting cerebral high stimulates your mind and often offers an energy boost.


Hybrids are exactly what they sound like — a combination of both Indica and Sativa strains. Hybrids vary in their effects because the balance between Indica and Sativa fluctuates based on what the producer wants to create. Hybrids are great if you’re looking for something a bit more customized to your needs.

Suppose you want to feel relaxed and lighten your stress without losing your productive energy or becoming overstimulated. Perhaps, then, a more Indica-heavy hybrid is your thing. But, if you prefer to get a heady boost of energy while also feeling laid back, maybe a more Sativa-heavy hybrid is just what the doctor ordered. And, if you want to split the difference and get the best of both worlds, 50/50 hybrids are very common. They evenly offer the mellowing effects of India with the cerebral stimulation of Sativa.

The certificate of analysis on your Delta 8 flower will let you know the balance between Indica and Sativa — another reason you want to check the COA on your flower container.

What Makes Bay Smokes the Place To Buy Delta 8 Flower?

Bay Smokes is the best place to buy Delta 8 Flower because we offer great prices, convenience, and the highest quality. Bay Smokes specializes in carrying the best, all-natural, no-additive THC and THC alternative products. Bay Smokes offers premium-quality flower with Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-O, HHC, and CBD cannabinoids.

We offer premium quality, a money-back guarantee, and top-notch customer support.

Premium Quality

Bay Smokes only sells products that are lab tested by a third-party lab for the highest quality. This lets you know that professionals inspect Bay Smokes Delta 8 flower products for accurate content and quality assessment.

You want to make sure you get clean and safe flower, so the third-party lab tests to ensure your Delta 8 flower is free of pesticides, microbes, chemicals, and heavy metals.

The third-party lab also tests for potency, letting you know exactly the cannabinoids you can expect in your flower and how present they are. This helps you to determine the effects that your Delta 8 THC flower will have on you so you get exactly the experience you’re looking for.

Also, Bay Smokes flower products will come with an easy-to-read certificate of analysis so you can inspect your flower and know that you’re getting certifiable premium-quality flower.

Fair Prices with Money-Back Guarantee

Bay Smokes guarantees that we have something for everyone, and we don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on something you don’t like. That’s why we offer a worry-free money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your Delta 8 THC flower, send it back and we’ll provide you with a store credit to help you find your ideal Bay Smokes product.

The requirements for this offer are simple.

  • Returned products must be at least half full.
  • The order must be less than 14 days old from delivery.
  • It must be the first time you’ve ordered this product from the online store.
  • Clearance and bulk items do not apply to this offer.

Additionally, we offer full refunds or exchanges for unopened and unused products. To request a refund, simply contact [email protected] and:

  • Return the item in its original packaging.
  • Mail it back within 30 days of delivery.
  • Include your receipt.

Top-Notch Customer Support

The Bay Smokes customer support team is here to help ensure you have a great experience, start to finish. That’s why you can feel free to call, text, email, or even DM us. Our customer support is here to help you with orders, questions, and returns or exchanges quickly and easily. Simply contact us through:

Choose Bay Smokes for the Best Delta 8 Flower

Since we started in 2020, Bay Smokes has helped countless customers discover a love of quality cannabinoids that help them ease into a more relaxed, less stressful, less painful, and more enjoyable lifestyle. Our number one goal is to provide you with the highest quality Delta 8 flower products at a price that you can afford.

Our products are lab tested by a third-party lab to ensure a clean, safe, and enjoyable experience that you can feel good about, knowing that you have a certificate of analysis that tells you everything you need to know about your Delta 8 THC flower.

Bay Smokes offers you a variety of flower products — from Delta 8 THC to straight-up CBD — that fit your lifestyle and flower needs. Our flower is produced specifically to look, smell, and taste great — giving your senses a full circle of pleasant experiences.

Smoking Delta 8 THC flower will give you the euphoric feeling of Delta 9 THC without the overwhelming intensity that drives some consumers away from cannabis. Our Delta 8 flower is smooth from start to finish and will leave you feeling laid-back, inspired, and content that you chose Bay Smokes.

Delta-10 THC is federally legal in the United States. However, many state and local governments have since made laws outright banning Delta-10 or regulating its sale and production. Be aware of your area’s state and local laws before buying Delta-10 products. 

Known side effects of using Delta-10 THC gummies can include mild euphoria, anxiety, paranoia, and dry mouth. However, these effects are typically rarer and less intense in a Delta-10 gummy than in a Delta-9 or Delta-8 gummy. More research is needed to identify other potential side effects. Unregulated or low-quality Delta-10 gummies from untested manufacturers may have other adverse effects. Therefore, it’s important to find a reliable Delta-10 seller that has been third-party lab tested, such as Bay Smokes.

The number of Delta-10 gummies you should take depends on your tolerance level and how strongly you want to feel their effects. Beginners should start with only one Delta-10 gummy. If you’re concerned one gummy is too much, consider cutting the gummy in half before consumption. Experienced THC users new to Delta-10 should start with only one or two gummies and wait for at least 30 to 60 minutes before increasing the dosage. 

Yes, as it is a THC compound similar to standard Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC gummies will, unfortunately, show up on most drug tests. However, every drug test is different. The test may come back negative depending on how many gummies you took, how long ago you took them, and various other factors. 

The effects of Delta-10 gummies take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to fully kick in, depending on the gummy. And you may feel some effects shortly after consumption. Other consumption methods, such as vaping or smoking, typically take a shorter time to kick in, but the high may not last as long. 

Delta-8 is legal at the federal level. It is derived from the hemp plant which contains an amount of delta-9 minuscule enough that it could not be grown for consumption. The farm bill that outlaws marijuana specifically mentions delta-9, so delta-8 does not fall under the scope of that bill.

There are a lot of varrying opinions about Delta8 and other hemp derived THC products, but the general answer is YES. These products are all intoxicating. Each with different potency.

Delta8 is about 60% potency of regular THC, where THCp can be roughly 33x stronger.

We sell 10 different hemp cannabinoids that are all are intoxicating to different effects and potency levels.

Our reccomendation is start with Delta8 or THCv if youre new, and go with THCp or THCh:THCjd if you’re experienced.

If you like edibles, we reccomend our Delta9 THC gummies. Yes, its the real thing, yes its legal from hemp, and yes they are intoxicating!

Confused and want to learn more? Start HERE.

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Delta-8 THC is very similar molecularly to Delta-9 THC (which you likely know as the cannabinoid that causes the ‘high’ of traditional cannabis). However Delta-8 THC is derived from federally legal hemp. This means, the cannabinoid is federally legal, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. There are hundreds of different cannabinoids that come from cannabis and hemp, as Delta-8 is a newly popularized cannabinoid, not many people known about it. For more info read the full article here.

Each state has their own laws relating to legality of hemp-derived products. It is your responsibility to know whether these products are safe in your respective state.

We guarantee the quality of every order! If your product arrives broken or faulty, we will replace it with no cost to you. If you decide you don’t like it for any other reason, ship it back and we will offer you a credit or replacement! You never have to worry about wasting money with the Bay Smokes family! Just reach out to our team and we will be happy to help out! For more info on refund and exchange policy, click here.

It is legal to ship delta-8 products for similar reasons to its federal legality. Delta-8 is a hemp product which means it can be legally shipped through the United States Postal Service and other mail carrier services such as UPS and Fedex within the United States. 

There is no federal regulation for the minimum age someone must be to purchase delta-8 products. State laws however do institute a minimum age of 18 to purchase delta-8 products. 

Even though delta-8 is derived from hemp, it still contains some amount of THC. There is a risk of THC buildup in your body triggering a positive result if you are tested for it. It is recommended to avoid consuming any hemp products if you expect to have a drug test. 

Delta-8 shares many of the positive effects of delta-9, however, it also shares some of the negative ones. Side effects can include dry mouth, paranoia, mild anxiety, dry eyes, and an increased heart rate. These effects will vary from person to person. The safest way to avoid any negative effects is to start with a minimal dosage and work your way up once you’re comfortable.

To be classified as a hemp product and remain legal, delta 8 must contain less than 0.3% THC per volume of the product.

This will vary depending on many factors such as: What experience are you looking to have? What prior experience do you have with delta-8 or delta-9? Individual factors such as weight and muscle mass can also impact how you will be affected. Best practices are to start with a low dose and work your way higher once you’ve identified how you will be affected.

The answer to this question varies based on individual factors as well as what method of consuming delta-8 you use. Edibles such as gummies can take up to 2 hours for you to feel their effects. Inhalation will result in effects being presented in as little as a minute after consuming.

This is only for you to decide. The benefits of delta-8 are many with little risk attached. However, your personal medical history will impact your decision to consume delta-8 THC. If you are uncertain, you can always consult a medical professional before deciding to buy.

The short answer is yes, Delta 8 can get you high. People who have taken Delta 8 are noted to have a milder side effect compared to say, a joint.  

Noted side effects include dry mouth, increased appetite, dry eyes, and even anxiety. If you’re prone to anxiety, it might be best to stay away from Delta 8 as it can trigger feelings of anxiety.

Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are both psychoactive compounds found in cannabis. They are both isomers, which means they have the same chemical formula but differ in the arrangement of their atoms. Delta 8 is the lesser evil of the two, producing lesser side effects than Delta 9. 

Under federal law, Delta 8 is legal in all 50 states as long as it is derived from hemp. However, it is important to note that local laws may differ, with some states regulating the use and sale of Delta 8. It is best to check with your local laws first before attempting to buy. 

The length of time that Delta-8 THC stays in your system depends on a variety of factors, including your age, weight, metabolism, and the amount and frequency of use. It can stay in urine for up to 7 days and in your blood for up to 24 hours. It isn’t detectable in hair.

Delta 8 is generally safe to use. Delta 8 is reported to produce a more clear-headed and functional high than Delta 9. Common side effects include dry mouth and eyes, changes in appetite as well as mood changes. As with any drug, it is best to use Delta 8 in moderation.  

One way to produce delta-8 THC is through the conversion of Delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC can be converted to delta-8 THC through a chemical process called isomerization. This process involves the rearrangement of the atoms in the chemical structure of Delta-9 THC to produce Delta-8 THC.

The levels of THC in Delta 8 vary depending on things like the specific extraction method used, and how it was sourced. Legally speaking though, Delta 8 products are not allowed to have more than 0.3% THC. Any more than this may produce side effects.

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