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How To Store Vape Cartridges Properly

January 24, 2024

How To Store Vape Cartridges Properly

Chances are if you’ve landed here you’ve already been warmly welcomed to the world of Delta-8 vaping with a Bay Smokes package at your doorstep. You may have even tested out your new vaporizer pen with a hit or two, or three, or five. 

We don’t have to tell you about that gentle, cool mist from the vape that quickly brings on Delta-8 effects. But now that you’ve vibed out a bit with it, let’s learn more about carts and how to store them.

How it Works

Before we dive into the optimal conditions to store your cart, it helps to understand what is in it and how it all works. Vaporizer pens work by delivering cannabis through a vapor.

Instead of smoking your hemp in a preroll, bong, or pipe, the cannabis extract is heated to the precise temperature to where the volatile oils are released in a fine mist.

Reusable Vape Pen Analysis

There are two main parts of a reusable vape pen: the battery and the cartridge. The cartridge consists of three parts; the mouthpiece, the chamber, and the heating element. Here are all the elements of a vape pen:

  • Battery:


    Most D8 cartridges are designed to be universally compatible with common vape batteries. The 510 thread is the most common vape pen battery and works with many carts on the market. Simply attach the cartridge of your choice to a 510 compatible battery and you’re ready to vape! Do not put the cart on a huge vape mod battery. Having too much voltage can fry the cartridge.

  • Mouthpiece:


    Typically made from ceramic, the mouthpiece is where you put your lips to inhale D8 distillate. After you’ve pressed the activation button to heat the distillate, the vapor comes through the airway and into your mouth as you inhale through the mouthpiece.

  • Chamber:


    The chamber of a vape cartridge holds the oil or distillate. Similar to vape cartridges with CBD or Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC carts contain cannabinoid compounds suspended in natural cannabis sativa oils. Our carts contain high levels of Delta-8 distillate that is filled with beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, and other parts of the hemp plant. You can find broad-spectrum distillates, which include other cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBD, as well as THC if it is full-spectrum. The best quality Delta-8 cartridges only have compounds that are found naturally within hemp.

  • Heating element:

    This heating element is located in the cartridge and is activated by the battery. This causes it to heat the distillate, producing vapor. The heating element is typically made of ceramic material.

While some vape pens are disposable, we think that reusable pens are the way to go. We highly recommend reusable vape pens as you can use them long-term, saving you money.

Simply buy a battery, then pick out the variety of flavors and strains you’d like to try. Reusables are also better for the environment since you are not throwing the emptied cartridge out after just one use. And knowing how to take care of your Delta-8 cartridges will help them last longer. So here we go:

How to Properly Store Your Vape Cartridge

There are two main things we need to be concerned with when preserving your cartridge:

  1. Maintain vape oil’s potency and consistency

  2. Prevent leakage and breakage

Maintain the oil’s potency and consistency

To maintain your vape oil’s potency and consistency, first you have to consider where to store your cart. Here are some of the top things to consider in order to extend the shelf life of your product. 

  • Keep your cart away from heat:


    Since the pen works through the heating of the Delta-8 oil, you will want to keep it away from heat. Exposing your cart to high temperatures can degrade the taste and potency of the oil. It may also cause the cart to leak. The ideal temperature for your vape cartridge is said to be 70℉.

  • Keep out of light:


    Not only does sunlight also contribute damaging heat to your cart, but the light can cause the oil to become darker and less potent over time. This doesn’t only apply to sunlight; all light has the ability to degrade cart oil.

  • Do not freeze:


    Though some cold is okay, cart oil shouldn’t be stored in the freezer. This may create some moisture issues inside the cartridge. The coldness of a refrigerator is okay.

  • Keep away from humidity:


    High humidity levels can change the molecular structure of your Delta-8 cart. This forcing of moisture into the molecules could make them break down quickly. Make sure to keep hemp products out of the bathroom, as well as out of the kitchen where steam can be created from cooking. 

We recommend you store your vape pen in a cool, dry, dark place. This could be anything from a desk drawer to a closed box to a jewelry box. If your house gets especially hot, you can store your cart in the refrigerator.

Prevent leakage and breakage

  • Unscrew cart from battery when not in use:


    As long as the heating element is in contact with the battery, there will be a slight power drain and thus degradation of compounds. This also helps prevent leakage and breakage.

  • Buy carts made of pyrex and metal:


    Carts made from plastic can easily break and inevitably leak. That is why it is a good idea to buy carts from a trusted manufacturer that uses materials that will last longer. Buying a good quality cart may cost more but it will save any oil that would have leaked and will keep your bag safe.

  • Store in a case:


    Typically vape pens come with a case. If yours doesn’t have one, it would be ideal to buy a storage case to keep it safe and less likely to break.

  • Store in an upright position:


    Store your cartridge in an upright position with the mouthpiece facing up. This will prevent leaking.

  • Do not shake your cart:


    It may be tempting to shake your cartridge, especially if it gets



    . However, shaking it may increase the risk of leakage.

Keep it Upright in a Cool, Dry, Dark Place

It’s simple, really. Store your vape cartridge in an upright position in a cool, dry, dark place. If you have kids around, we also recommend that you keep your vapes in a locked container or another place out of reach of children.

Cannabis should not be consumed by those who are not of legal age. The safer you keep your Delta-8 vape, the longer you can enjoy that chill, uplifting high.

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