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Who We Are

Back 10 years ago, if you wanted cannabis, you needed to find a local dealer. You had to put your trust in that individual for the product to be of a high quality, to be the right amount, and then you had to worry about not getting caught with it. Fast forward to today, cannabis is legal in most states across the US and low thc cannabis, known as hemp, is legal federally! This amazing progress is thanks to all those who came before us and stood up, presented facts and compelling arguments that changed the legislature. Today it is now possible to legally order hemp cannabis from the comfort and safety of your own home, knowing the origin of your products and being able to see the lab results to confirm the quality. 

This is where we, the Bay Smokes team, come in. As cannabis consumers ourself, we had always wished there was a more mild option to the extreme high potency THC products on the market. Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, geneticists and farmers have been off to the races working to perfect non-THC cannabis strains and growing techniques. Bay Smokes has been partnering and observing throughout the industry since the beginning to work with the highest quality growers in order to be the brand that stands above the status quo for this new product. From all the new cannabinoids, to the most high-quality, kraft grows, we are on top of the ball and ready to bring these new products to you, the market. 

Our mission is simple; we want to provide the mild and balanced alternative to high potency THC cannabis and provide an alternative to tobacco users as well. We believe our products can help encourage a more balanced lifestyle without any sacrifices to enjoyment or quality. We are strong supporters of plant medicine and a natural lifestyle so we plan to use this brand as a means to promote these values and provide opportunities for smaller, kraft growers to be able to support their small businesses and follow their passions. 

We are not a big business, Bay Smokes is a minority/woman-owned small business, self funded and operating out of the United States. Founded with the dream of empowering others to follow their passions and create the change they wish to see in the world. We pledge to always listen to what the people want, and always provide the highest quality products with complete transparency. 

Welcome to the Bay Smokes family!