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THCp+Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

THCp+Live Resin Vape 2 Gram


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THCp+Live Resin

Bay Smokes is stoked to introduce our newest line of 2g disposable vapes. These 2g disposables bring you more cannabinoids that you love and more bang for your buck. Our  THCp+live resin vapes are the best of the best, combining potent THCp with smooth live resin and natural, flavorful terpenes. We know you’ll be coming back for more -- go ahead and subscribe to get a great deal and keep your stash fully stocked!

What is THCp?

THCp is one of the most exciting rare cannabinoids on the market today. It’s potentially 33x stronger than Delta-9 THC, so it definitely packs a punch. At medium to high doses, most people report a strong but energetic high that lasts the perfect amount of time and won’t leave you feeling sleepy. 

What is Live Resin?

D8 live resin is made from fresh hemp flower instead of dried or processed buds. Live resin has an unbeatable cannabinoid and flavor profile for a well-rounded, smooth-hitting high that perfectly complements the effects of THCp. 

How do I Use a THCp+Live Resin Disposable Vape?

It literally couldn’t be easier to use a Bay Smokes disposable vape. We’ve designed them with high-quality hardware. All you have to do is take it out of the package, puff, and enjoy. 

How Strong are THCp+Live Resin Vapes?

These disposable vapes definitely pack a punch. THCp is said to be up to 33 times stronger than Delta 9 THC, so definitely start low and take it slow. 

If this is your first time trying THCp, we recommend that you start with one puff and wait to see how you feel. Your tolerance for other cannabinoids might not carry over to your tolerance for THCp, so take it easy even if you’re a more experienced smoker. 

THCp Strains

We have a few awesome strains of THCp that we can’t wait for you to try. 

Sativa THCp: Green Crack

Sour sativa THCp blend is energizing and uplifting, perfect for wake and bakes or late nights. This one tastes like citrusy mangoes with just a hint of that signature dank. 

Indica THCp: Blueberry OG

If you’re looking for a more relaxing THCp experience, we also carry a THCp indica blend. This fruity, earthy blend tastes like blueberries fresh from the blueberry bush and is great for lazy afternoons or bedtime tokes. 

Hybrid THCp: Pineapple Express

This THCp hybrid strain is a classic for a reason. It’s fruity, tropical, citrusy, and just as good for beach volleyball as it is for soaking up the sun poolside. Our hybrid blends are usually some of our best sellers because they really do give you the best of both worlds. 

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