THCa Live Hash Rosin Cart

$74.99 or $63.74 every 2 weeks

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What’s In The THCa Vape Cartridge?

1g of our premium THCa Live Hash Rosin strains from THCa Flower. This is the most premium vape experience you can have. We use only our most premium live hash rosin to fill our all glass cartridges and the result is truly magical. Live hash rosin in a vape cartridge brings all the luxuries of the premium product to the convenience of a cartridge.

This is the same 6-star, premium live hash rosin from our concentrate pucks, but it’s been added to a cart. You’re welcome, enjoy!

Strains of THCa Vape


Donny Burger


Why Bay Smokes THCa Vape?

We believe in only supplying the highest quality, natural products so we’ve worked hard to formulate and manufacture only pure and clean hemp cannabinoid products.

Our THCa Vape is pure live resin and cannabis-derived terpenes. No Delta8, no other isomers. Just pure plant vape. This is the highest quality THCa vape on the market with only true to-the-plant cannabis hemp ingredients. (While being 100% federally compliant)

We pledge to our fans to NEVER have any potentially harmful dilutants (thinning agents) in our cartridges such as; MCT, PG, VG, Vitamin-E Acetate, Grapeseed Oil, Olive-Oil, and more. We also pledge to always have our ingredients/extracts tested for heavy metals/pesticides or other harmful contaminants by a trusted 3rd party in order to maintain trust in our quality.

Our Cartridges will only ever contain pure hemp extracts and terpenes from the plant. Following our 100% plant-based philosophy.

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THCa Live Hash Rosin Cart

$74.99 or $63.74 every 2 weeks