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Moon Berry – THCa Flower
Moon Berry – THCa Flower

Moon Berry – THCa Flower


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Moon Berry Strain

Moon Berry Strain

Ready to take your late-night smoke sessions to the next level? Look no further! Say your farewells to mediocre cannabis strains and indulge yourself in the magic of the mystical Moon Berry. Also known as Moonberry, this indica dominant hybrid guarantees an uplifting mind high that is perfect for relaxing and ending the day on a high note. 

Moon Berry is born out of three beloved Gelato strains: the Gelato 33, Gelato 41, and Gelato 42. As a result, the Moon Berry inherited each of its distinct aromas and signature effects to create a well-balanced experience. 

For starters, Gelato 33 is generally known for its fiery appearance and energizing high. Gelato 41, on the other hand, is considered a heavy-hitter in terms of giving users an extremely relaxing body high. With its sweet earthy undertones, the Gelato 41 is an alluring strain for every kind of smoker. Lastly, the Gelato 42 promises a balanced indica-sativa ratio that will leave you both physically relaxed yet mentally stimulated. Also known as the “Larry Bird” or simply “Gelato”, this signature flower is sought after for its creamy and fruity flavors. 

When combined, it’s clear that these three parent strains are responsible for the incredibly satisfying high that comes from passing around a Moon Berry pre roll. With just a few tokes, prepare to experience the instant transformation of Moon Berry’s soothing and dopamine-filled effects. 

It’s no wonder that Moon Berry cannabis comes with such exceptional qualities as it takes growers more than 8 weeks to cultivate and harvest this particular strain. On average, the final product will boast about 22% – 25% THC levels. 

Thanks to its especially potent properties, Moonberry has surged in popularity among smokers who need it to treat mental and physical conditions. For example, if you were experiencing symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and other debilitating mental conditions, Moonberry is an effective solution for treating any negative symptoms and significantly boosting your mood. On the other hand, physical ailments such as chronic pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, and more would become increasingly more manageable with the help of some of this hemp flower.

Without a doubt, it’s clear that this strain can be a game-changer for so many smokers. Whether you’re enjoying it through edibles, gummies, pre rolls, or vapes, the undeniable effects of Moonberry is a surefire way to let off some steam and enjoy an unforgettable night!

Eager to dive deeper into this remarkable strain? Join us as we summarize everything you need to know about its unique appearance, satisfying flavors, and positive mental and physical effects.


When it comes to hemp flower, the visual aspects tend to go unnoticed by some smokers. However, being able to recognize key physical features in your pot is more important than most realize. For starters, high-quality cannabis usually comes with vibrant shades, thick buds, and an abundance of trichomes. That being said, knowing what good cannabis looks like is a crucial skill for any cannabis enthusiast.

Speaking of visual appearances, the Moon Berry strain certainly doesn’t disappoint! This mesmerizing strain might look different across breeders, but Bay Smokers’ Moon Berry is truly a sight to behold with its deep purple hues. Zooming into the cannabis flower, it’s hard not to appreciate the striking contrast between the light orange pistils and its thick frosty trichomes.
With its majority purple foliage, it’s clear how this strain got its out-of-this-world name, Moon Berry.

But don’t be mistaken — the Moon Berry’s beauty goes beyond the physical. This strain is a pure sensory treat that is sure to leave you feeling absolutely starstruck.

Moon Berry Strain aroma


Every cannabis lover can recognize the smell of weed anywhere, but it takes a genuine connoisseur to identify the subtle differences in strain smells. While weed may have a general aroma that’s easy to pick out in a crowd, strains can have fruity, earthy, herbal, sweet, or gas-like scents.

When it comes to picking out strains at the dispensary, the strain’s general aroma may not be a significant factor in your decision-making. However, many enthusiasts would argue that it’s more important than one might realize. For starters, imagine hotboxing with a friend or two, but realizing that the smell is just not up to your liking. In order to enhance your smoke session, you’ll want a strain that appeals to all your senses, including smell. 

That being said, the Moon Berry has won over the hearts of potheads with its delightful combination of sweet and fruity aromas. With just a couple drags, buckle up for a rejuvenating sensory experience that is sure to brighten up your day! When immersing yourself in Moon Berry smoke, you’re also bound to notice the touch of fiery undertones that intensify the overall experience. 

Aside from the smell, this hybrid strain has an irresistibly creamy and fruity flavor profile that’s hard to turn down! Every legendary cannabis selection has a signature taste that sets itself apart from other strains. After all, when smoking a joint or passing around a bong, you’ll find it infinitely more enjoyable if you’re inhaling great-tasting smoke.

So if you’re ready to be blown away by Moon Berry, then you’re in luck! The fusion of sweet berries and darker undertones makes for an unforgettable toke session. 


The amazing thing about weed is that it is truly nature’s gift to mankind. With an abundance of positive effects on the mind, body, and soul, cannabis offers smokers a glimpse of genuine relaxation, happiness, and contentment. In fact, thanks to its specific cannabinoids and terpenes, the Moon Berry strain excels in delivering these effects.

When lighting up Moon Berry, prepare to expect an instant wave of relaxation that’s sure to set the mood for the next few hours. Make sure you’re got a comfortable spot to drift into a serene peace of mind. If you’re hanging out with a few friends, putting on a movie or playing some jams is a surefire way to elevate your entire experience. 

Aside from feeling a sharp sense of tranquility, expect to feel extra creative and focused while smoking up. Moon Berry has the uncanny ability to unlock certain parts of your brain that might be usually dormant or untapped. This strain is well-loved for stimulating brains in a way that allows users to perform better at work thanks to increased mental clarity and focus. It’s also a go-to for people in the creative field since brainstorming, ideation, and bursts of creativity come almost naturally when getting high with Moon Berry.

With its indica-heavy nature, this strain is guaranteed to fire up the good ‘ol munchies! Stock up on your favorite snacks and finger foods to satisfy the inevitable wave of hunger that’ll take over after an hour or two on Moon Berry. Whether it’s a sweet dessert or a savory delight, be ready to embrace the insatiable pangs of munchies that come with the experience!

Did you know that this strain also has some great health benefits for every kind of smoker? Research has shown that Moon Berry can help people suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, body cramps, or inflammation. This array of problems can make it infinitely more difficult for anyone to get through the day. Over time, physical ailments can take a toll on a person’s mental health and well-being. 

Moreover, this strain is a go-to substance for people looking to lessen the effects of anxiety and insomnia on the body. Thanks to this strain’s natural properties, it provides an easy and accessible solution to calming down your physical and mental state to achieve deep sleep and rest. 

THC Level

If you’re on the hunt for a strain that will knock you off your feet, then your best bet is to go with the renowned Moon Berry. With THC levels ranging from 20% to 23%, this strain will have you flying sky high in no time. That being said, make sure to work up your dosage in gradual steps.

Regardless of your experience with cannabis, it’s always recommended to start with relatively low doses when trying out new strains. It’s impossible to predict how exactly you’ll respond to every strain, so it’s best to stay on the safe side in the beginning. After all, no one wants to trip out too hard you can’t function anymore, especially if you’re just looking to mellow out for a few hours.


Not so sure what terpenes mean? Whether you’re dipping your toes in the world of cannabis for the first time or you’ve been rolling joints for years, understanding terpene profiles can be a game-changer for your smoking experience. 

In a nutshell, terpenes are naturally-occurring compounds that are responsible for every strain’s signature aromas, flavors, and even bodily effects. Terpenes are also not exclusive to Sativa or Indica strains. These compounds can appear in both varieties of weed. The differing profiles occur when the terpene profile has varying ratios within strains.

Terpene profiles are often described as music notes that may seem lackluster on their own, but comes to life when combined with other notes. Together, the different terpenes create a harmonious sensory experience designed to induce a deep state of euphoria and relaxation for anyone. 

That being said, Moon Berry has three major terpenes that are specifically built to deliver a unique and powerful experience. These three terpenes would be the well-known myrcene, limonene, and pinene terpenes. 

Beginning with myrcene, this compound is often associated with promoting relaxation in users. With too much relaxation, however, you might find yourself stuck on your couch for the next few hours! Myrcene also offers a tropical and earthy kind of flavor to strains, which makes sense for the Moon Berry strain with its sweet and tangy taste profile.

As the name suggests, pinene can easily be distinguished for its pine-like scents. Imagine smelling the fresh notes of a forest at the start of a new day. This feeling is captured by pinene’s uplifting effects that are bound to improve your mood and focus for the rest of the day.

Lastly, limonene is generally known for providing a citrus-like flavor to most strains. This refreshing addition to strain is crucial for strains like Moon Berry that carry undertones of gas-like flavors. In terms of overall effects, limonene is also responsible for elevating one’s mood and eliminating feelings of worry and anxiety.

where to buy Moon Berry Strain

Where to Buy Moon Berry Strain Online?

Ready to add Moon Berry to your cart and checkout? Bay Smokes promises top-notch Moon Berry flower that has its customers buzzing for more! As a beloved dispensary and trusted provider of cannabis products, we can guarantee that every smoker leaves feeling extremely satisfied with their cannabis of choice. Don’t miss out on this chance to explore the world of Moon Berry and embark on an out-of-this-world experience!

It’s worth reminding that when making any weed purchase, there are a few things to handle beforehand. For starters, prepare your valid government ID so that the dispensary can easily verify your age. Remember, only adults 21 years of age and above are eligible to browse and purchase at both online and physical dispensaries. So if you’re not quite there yet, don’t bother trying to get yourself (or the dispensary) in trouble!

Also, you’ll want to make sure you’ve read up on the strain’s additional information. Attention to detail certainly never hurts anyone, and it helps determine if the strain is a good match for you.

Product reviews can also play a major role in deciding if you should be buying certain strains. By exploring first-hand accounts of what other people have experienced while taking certain strains, you can better inform your decision-making process.

Strain Review:

Wondering if you should add some Moon Berry magic to your weed stash? This review will answer your question in no time.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Moon Berry comes as an incredibly relaxing and uplifting strain that is perfect for ending your day on a positive note. With its creamy flavors and sweet aromas, this strain is certainly hard to resist! It comes as a cross among three parent strains: Gelato 33, 41, and 42. If you’re a fan of at least one, then you’re in luck! Moon Berry inherits all the best traits in terms of effects, taste, and terpene profile.

Most customers consider Moon Berry an exceptionally bold, potent, and effective strain for melting away all your worries at night. Thanks to the indica nature of the strain, it also makes for an amazing option for boosting your creativity, focus, and mood. Expect to feel extra mellow and chilled out after a few puffs of this beloved strain. 


What Is The Strongest Indica Strain In The World?

Strictly speaking, there is no single strain that has been awarded the strongest indica strain in the world in terms of Delta 8 THC levels or impact on the smoker. Part of this is because strains can be altered or grown differently in a way that each breeder produces a slightly different variation of strains. Nonetheless, there are certain strains that are usually dubbed as some of the stronger strains of indica. You may recognize a few of these household names: Northern Lights, Granddaddy Purple, Afghan Kush, Black Domina and more.

While Moon Berry isn’t necessarily the strongest indica strain in the world, its high THC content is sure to pack a powerful punch! Ranging from 20 to 23%, it’s hard to deny the potent concentration of this indica-sativa hybrid.

What Is Moon Berry Strain?

The Moon Berry strain is a modern take on the Gelato strains. Combining Gelta 33, Gelato 41, and Gelato 42, this indica-dominant hybrid is considered a magical strain that provides smokers with soothing after effects and a pleasant disposition. This flower is perfect for relaxing at the end of an exhausting workday or passing around a communal bong with some friends. While it won’t make you overly talkative or sociable like other strains, this one is sure to put you in an extremely blissful state of mind. 

What Are The Benefits Of Moon Berry?

Moon Berry cannabis comes with a wide range of benefits for every kind of smoker. One of the most well-known benefits would be its ability to provide immense stress relief and relaxation. This makes it a perfect go-to strain for users dealing with tension, anxiety, and other issues. Moon Berry also helps tremendously with pain management. Thanks to its supposed analgesic properties, weed lovers have used Moon Berry to treat issues such as headaches, body pain, and other muscle-related issues. 

Moreover, if you’re having trouble with inducing sleep at night, then you’ll absolutely love this strain. After just a few puffs, you’ll find yourself put into a deep state of relaxation, which then helps ease your mind and body into a deep sleep. 

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