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Grape Frosty – THCa Flower
Grape Frosty – THCa Flower

Grape Frosty – THCa Flower


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Grape Frosty Strain Description

Grape Frosty Strain Description

Grape Frosty is an Indica-dominant THCa strain, which was first introduced to the market by the cultivators of BackWoodz. It is a unique and potent combination of two famous strains, Grape and Frost Berries. Grape is a true hybrid, known for its purple buds and authentic grape flavor. On the other hand, Frost Berries is an Indica-dominant strain with a sweet fruity, and herbaceous aroma.

The Grape Frosty strain contains up to 19.8% THCa and less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC as per federal law, making it a potent strain. This strain provides full-body relaxation with a creeping euphoric effect.


Grape Frosty THCa has dense, frost-covered buds boasting an enticing hint of purple. The trichomes that cover the buds add to the frosty aesthetic, living up to its name.


The aroma of Grape Frosty is led by potent grape notes, with undertones of fuel and hints of vanilla. When it comes to taste, this strain is a delightful blend of fruitiness with prominent notes of grapes and peaches. It also hints at a diesel kick on the exhale, balancing the sweet fruity flavors.


Grape Frosty, an Indica-dominant strain, offers full-body relaxation and a euphoric uplifting head high simultaneously. This THCa hemp flower can leave you couch-locked but with the capability to have engaging conversations. The effects are instantaneous but creep up once fully immersed in the experience. This strain may stimulate appetite and provide relief from stress and pain.

Grape Frosty THC Levels

THC Level

Grape Frosty THC Level is between 13.5% to 17%.

Terpene Profile

  • Phellandrene

  • Bisabolol

  • limonene

Where to buy Grape Frosty

Where to Buy Grape Frosty Strain Online?

Grape Frosty strain can be purchased from various online dispensaries and physical stores. However, availability may vary depending on the region and local cannabis laws.

Grape Frosty, a THCa indica strain with a rich terpene profile and high THCa content, promises a high-quality cannabis experience. The Frosty Grape strain provides powerful relaxation and euphoria. Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind combination of grapes and frost berries. Checkout at BaySmokes, a trusted online dispensary, for a relaxing, euphoric experience with Grape Frosty.

Strain Review:

Grape Frosty strain stands out for its potent effects, exquisite taste, and relaxing properties. Its grape-forward aroma, flavor profile, and potent euphoric and body relaxation effects make it a favorite among consumers. The hint of fuel adds an exciting twist to the flavor and reminds users of its potency. Grape Frosty could be an excellent choice if you’re seeking a strain that offers full-body relaxation to help you unwind with a creeping euphoric effect.


What Is A Frosty Strain?

A frosty strain refers to a cannabis strain that has a generous amount of trichomes on its buds, giving it a “frosty” appearance. These trichomes often contain high cannabinoids and terpenes, making frosty strains potent and aromatic. Grape Frosty is an example of such a strain.

What Is Grape Frosty?

Grape Frosty is an Indica-dominant strain known for its high THCa content and distinctive grape flavor and aroma. It’s a hybrid of the Grape and Frost Berries strains, known for its robust full-body relaxation and euphoric effects.

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