Hydro+Live Resin Vape

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Wrap your brain around this mind-blowing new signature cannabinoid blend from Bay Smokes. You won’t find this blend anywhere else — be one of the first to get your hands on this tested vape and impress your friends at your next smoke sesh. We’ve carefully combined our best-selling cannabinoids with a couple of new players, and the result is truly next-level. 


Delta 8, Delta 10, 11-Hydroxy THC, THCp, HHC, THCh, and THCjd come together with live resin and natural terpenes for a legal high like no other. We’ve harnessed the power of the entourage effect to bring out the best of each cannabinoid and make them way more powerful than they are individually, and we know it’ll have you coming back for more. 


What is Delta 8?

Okay — by now, you’ve probably heard of Delta-8 THC. As a quick refresher, it’s a rare cannabinoid that’s about half as strong as Delta-9 THC and way chiller. D8 is known for its laid-back body highs and the fact that it’s federally legal under the 2018 Hemp Bill. 


What is Delta 10?

Delta-10 THC is another rare cannabinoid that’s federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. It’s not quite as strong as Delta 8, but most people report that it feels more energizing. Think of it this way: if D8 is like an indica, then D10 is like a sativa.


What is 11-Hydroxy THC?

We’re really excited about this one. You know how edibles feel way stronger than flower or vapes? That’s because your body converts THC into 11-hydroxy THC as you digest an edible. Lucky for you, it’s now possible to get that same cannabinoid in a vape! This one really kicks things up a notch. 


What is THCp?

THCp is a rare cannabinoid that’s up to 33 times stronger than Delta-9 THC. It’s becoming one of the more popular rare cannabinoids since it packs such a punch, and it brings an energizing kick to our Hydro blend. 


What is THCh?

THCh is another rare cannabinoid that’s even stronger than Detla-9 THC. THCh is up to 10 times more potent than D9 and brings an uplifting boost to our Hydro blend. 


What is THCjd?

We also add THCjd to our Hydro blend. THCjd is a rare cannabinoid that’s up to 19 times stronger than Delta-9 THC. It’s relaxing and uplifting all at the same time. 


What is Live Resin?

We’re huge fans of live resin here at Bay Smokes. Live resin comes from fresh hemp and cannabis plants, not dried or processed buds. It tastes great and ties the whole blend together. 


What are Terpenes?

Last but not least, we blend natural plant-derived terpenes into all of our vapes, including our Hydro disposables. Terpenes are one of the compounds in weed that gives each strain its unique taste and effects — and they’re also how we’re able to bring you such awesome strains in our Hydro blend. 


How do I Use a Hydro+Live Resin Disposable Vape?

It literally couldn’t be easier to use a Bay Smokes disposable vape. We’ve designed them with high-quality hardware. All you have to do is take it out of the package, puff, and enjoy. 


Hydro Strains

It wouldn’t be Bay Smokes without delicious strains to choose from, so you know we’ve got you covered no matter what you’re looking for. 


Hydro Sativa: Maui Wowie

Our sativa Hydro blend is Maui Wowie, bringing uplifting and energizing tropical flavors to you wherever you are. You can expect juicy tropical fruit with every puff of this flavor. 


Hydro Indica: Blueberry OG

This indica Hydro blend is smooth, mellow, and relaxing. It’s great for a night in or a lazy afternoon and tastes like sweet blueberries. 


Hydro Hybrid: Trainwreck

Looking for a balance between relaxing and uplifting cannabinoids? You’ve found it. Our hybrid hydro strain tastes like spicy pine with a hint of lemon and it’s just as good for the morning as it is for late at night.

Hydro+Live Resin Vape

$44.99 or $38.24 every 2 weeks