Cherry Chem – THCa Flower

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cherry chem strain description

Cherry Chem Strain

The Cherry Chem strain is a beautiful cross of Cherry Pie and Chemdawg, combining to provide consumers with a solid yet delicious experience. Although its exact breeder is unknown, its lineage includes some of the most well-known strains in the cannabis industry. This strain was introduced to the market recently, and its popularity has expanded significantly. Cherry Chem THCa is classified as a hybrid, with an indica dominance of 70% and a Sativa dominance of 30%.


Cherry Chem THCa buds have an aesthetically stunning large spade-shaped structure with a dusty green hue. This THCa strain has brilliant orange undertones, and the buds are covered in tiny hairs. The appearance is enhanced by a coating of icy amber crystal trichomes, which adds to its attractiveness.


This strain boasts a complex aroma and cherry flavor profile. It has a fresh aroma of berries mixed with a robust funky scent. As the nugs are split apart, a hint of fuel becomes more noticeable. Cherry Chem THCa offers a powerful chemical taste with a spicy cherry candy undertone, leaving a lingering robust fruity sweet sensation on the palate.


Cherry Chem is celebrated for its refreshing and calming effects. The onset brings about feelings of uplifted creativity, tingling sensations, and relaxation. Users report feeling an intense body high after smoking this THCa cannabis strain. Predominantly, this strain alleviates symptoms like stress, anxiety, and depression.

cherry chem thc levels

THC Level

Cherry Chem’s THC content ranges between 15% to 22%, positioning it higher than average in potency.

Terpene Profile

  • Caryophyllene (pepper)

  • Limonene (citrus)

  • Humulene (hoppy)

    The most abundant terpene found in Cherry Chem is caryophyllene, which gives off a spicy, peppery aroma and may possess anti-inflammatory benefits. Other prevalent terpenes include limonene, known for its citrus notes, and humulene, which offers a hoppy essence.

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Strain Review:

Cherry Chem has generally received favorable reviews from users. Its unique blend of Cherry Pie and Chem 2.0 offers a rich tart cherry perfume overlayed with chemical funk. Many appreciate its ability to induce sleep and stimulate appetite, making it unparalleled for specific medical conditions.

Cherry Chem is an Indica-dominant hybrid, comprising 70% indica and 30% Sativa.

Cherry Chem is effective for sleep disorders, appetite stimulation, and alleviating conditions like migraines, depression, and mood swings.

Cherry Chem is a hybrid marijuana strain resulting from a cross between Cherry Pie and Chemdog. It’s known for its unique flavor and a myriad of effects.

Chem, often called Chemdog, is a legendary strain with a mysterious origin, though it’s believed to be a cross of Nepalese and Thai Sativas.

While Chem or Chemdog is the parent strain with Thai and Nepalese origins, Cherry Chem is a hybrid offspring from the cross of Cherry Pie and Chemdog.

Cherry Chem originates from a cross between Cherry Pie and Chemdog.

Cherry Chem induces feelings of creativity, relaxation, and tingling sensations. Some users may experience side effects like anxiety, dizziness, or headaches.

Cherry Chem - THCa Flower

$10.00 $130.00 or from $8.50 $110.50 every 2 weeks