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Profile On THCP With Delta 8

January 25, 2024

Profile On THCP With Delta 8

What is THCp?

THCp is a naturally occurring rare cannabinoid that is 33 times more potent than THC on CB1 receptors and up to 10 times more potent than THC on the CB2 receptors. When blended with Delta8, THCp provides a unique effect that is entirely different from any other cannabinoids. For this, you don’t have to understand what Delta 8 is. THCp is more potent than THC, it lasts around 4-6 hours. According to some anecdotal reports, THCP may help in resetting cannabinoid tolerance. THCp and Delta8 provide a synergistic effect, in combination they react differently than they do by themselves. Use caution when you’re experimenting with THCp for the first time as THCp is very potent. Cannabis consumers like the different high that THCp produces. 

Why Mix THCp and Delta8 THC?

When mixed with Delta8 THC, THCp provides a unique effect that is different from any other cannabinoids. This is a unique blend, it offers a fuller experience that is closer to what would be naturally present in the plant. However, the best part of this blend is that all cannabinoids work together and each unique combination produces different effects. After its debut, the sale for THCp has drastically increased. THCp expresses differently for different people

What’s in the Cartridge of THCp & Delta8 THC?

Our cartridges are produced from the highest quality hemp-derived Delta8 THC and THCp. It comes with pure cannabis terpenes that give a superior smell and flavor. The potency is tested in the lab and the cartridge contains the highest quality, natural products. If you search THCp online, you will get pure and clean hemp cannabinoid products. The cartridge is free from potentially harmful diluents. When looking online you should choose those sellers who follow a 100% plant-based philosophy. If you are buying Delta8 online or offline, you should select a seller who tests their products by 3rd party, and cartridges with pure hemp extracts and terpenes from the plant are the best.

Which is The Best THCp Strain?

The Sativa dominant hybrids are the best THCp strain. Our Pineapple Express is fruity and floral with a tropical and pine flavor profile. The blend comes with 10mg of THCp per 1g cartridge. Choose products that have gone through 2 lab tests. One for THCp distillate, the raw ingredient, and another for Delta8+THCp blend, which is the final product. There are very few labs that can test THCp so THCp doesn’t show on the COA blend. Doing a lab test requires more expensive equipment, advanced testing staff, and a reference sample. For this, many manufacturers send THCp distillate (raw materials) to test because it has a high concentration of THCp. This process makes it easy to understand what is in the products.

What is THCp Distillate?

THCp distillate is a 100% hemp product. It is composed only of terpenes, other –p cannabinoids, and THCp. To isolate this rare cannabinoid other –p cannabinoid varieties are produced in THCp distillate. The rest of the distillate is terpenes that are precursors to these cannabinoids. From an internal reaction, the plant naturally produces cannabinoids that convert terpenes to all these cannabinoids. That’s why where –p cannabinoids are found, their terpene precursors are also found too. For these reasons, THCp and Delta8 THC cartridges are the greatest, most potent, and longest-lasting products in the history of cannabis products.


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