Trop Cherries – THCa Flower

$35.00 $169.99 or from $29.75 $144.49 every 2 weeks

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Trop Cherry stands as an exceptional hybrid blend, masterfully conceived from the marriage of the vivacious Tropicana Cookies and the luscious Cherry Cookies F3. With an aroma that tantalizes the senses, Trop Cherry bursts forth with an unmistakable bouquet of dank tangerine, complemented by the sumptuous undertones of ripe cherries.
A perfect companion for daytime pursuits, this strain promises not just a delightful sensory experience but also a functional high that uplifts without overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to amplify creativity or simply enjoy a burst of energy and focus, Trop Cherry seamlessly merges the best of both worlds, ensuring an experience that’s as delightful as it is invigorating.

Trop Cherries - THCa Flower

$35.00 $169.99 or from $29.75 $144.49 every 2 weeks