Papaya Runtz – THCa Flower

$40.00 $210.00 or from $34.00 $178.50 every 2 weeks

Papaya Runtz emerges as a delightful hybrid creation, meticulously born from the synergistic union of the vibrant Zkittles and the indulgent Gelato #33. This captivating strain offers an aromatic profile that’s nothing short of a sensory treat, brimming with candy-like sweetness intertwined with luscious tropical notes and subtle earthy undertones.

Upon first encounter, the nose is enchanted by its distinctive and alluring scent, reminiscent of a tropical paradise infused with a sugary allure. Ideal for those seeking a flavorful journey, Papaya Runtz not only excels in its taste but also promises a balanced experience, making it a favorite amongst both seasoned aficionados and new explorers of the cannabis realm.

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Papaya Runtz - THCa Flower

$40.00 $210.00 or from $34.00 $178.50 every 2 weeks