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Hella Slumped - THCa Diamonds
Hella Slumped - THCa Diamonds
Hella Slumped - THCa Diamonds

Hella Slumped - THCa Diamonds


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Introducing our extraordinary THCa Diamond – mined from the depths of premium cannabis strains, these diamonds represent the pinnacle of cannabinoid luxury, offering a truly exceptional experience.

How to use THCa Diamonds

Vape/Dab: THCa diamonds can be dabbed with a rig or a bong. THCa diamonds have a vaporization temperature of 315° F (157° C), make sure your vape or rig is heated up above that to compensate for cooling. We recommend somewhere in the neighborhood of 380-400° F with a bare minimum of 325° F.

Add To Join/Bowl/Blunt: If you want to make your flower even stronger, it's easy to add a sprinkle of diamonds on top for that extra kick. If you add it to a joint or blunt, we recommend trying to get it in the middle so the burn is more even and your joint doesn't canoe (burn unevenly) because the diamonds will melt and become resiny and burn slower than flower alone. 

Made Edibles: It's important to know that THCa is not bioavailable by eating it directly. First, you need to decarboxylate the diamonds. This process is when you use low temperature to heat them slowly over 20min. 

How to decarb THCa Diamonds: Owner tips: "I like to throw diamonds in a glass oven-safe dish,

Put them in the oven at maybe 220 for 20-30 min, 

Then I remove them from the heat and stir in some oil. 

MCT/coconut oil is best, but you can use butter or any other cooking oil also.

Finally, you add the infused oil to any food or recipe, and it's ready to go. Or you can use the oil as a tincture. 

**worth noting that by the technical definition of the farm bill, after you decarb the THCa, until you mix it in with your edibles, the product may temporarily be considered marijuana. The definition is under 0.3% by weight Delta9 THC, which is hemp. So if you have say, 1000g of brownie batter, and <3g of THC in the brownie mix, you're fine. But if you have say 1oz of MCT oil and 1g of THC, that is considered Marijuana. So make sure to keep the product diluted so it remains a "hemp" federally legal product.

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Dank Dabs

holy sh* these dabs are fire 🔥 so fire you won’t believe it’s legal




Hella slumped diamonds and THCA flower: free sample of apple fritters.

I like the sugar diamonds; good price. The THCA flower is definitely better than a lot of sites I've bought from. My only concern is trying to buy bulk. Is there a way I can see pricing on bulk for THCA flower?




THCA Diamonds testing at over 99%!

I ordered some THCA Diamonds (raw) to compare the potency of another wholesaler I work with. I tested with my tCheck 2 Expansion Kit with the tCheck tester. Awesome! Smooth. Powerful (start slow). You may choose to crush the diamonds and place a small amount in your pre-roll or J. Many ways to use. As far as the THCA Diamonds Vape... Again... Start wih just 4 or 5 tastes... put the vape down an wait. NICE! Again, smooth, powerful and tasty! I have photos, but I cannot see where to attach to this email survey. B - Syracuse, NY




THCA Diamonds

I actually had ordered original plane diamonds, not sugar diamonds so I'm not sure why. The review says sugar diamonds but either way they were great. Not too harsh nice and smooth high THCA content. Great for dabbing and bowl topping. Recommend diamonds if you want something high in THCA content




High tolerance

Very very potent loved it




Really good

Really good




diamonds are great



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