Donny Burger Live Resin THCa Diamonds

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donny burger strain description

Donny Burger Live Resin Description:

Donny Burger is a live resin indica concentrate created by crossing GMO with Han-Solo Burger. Live Resin THCa Diamonds offer a truly unique experience for cannabis enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of potency. This strain’s effects are relaxing and energetic. Users report feeling giggly, cheerful and stimulated after consuming this strain. Donny Burger has high THC levels, around 26%, making it exceptionally strong and ideal for cannabis users with high THC tolerance.

Aroma, Taste:

When smoked, Donny Burger Live Resin diamonds emit a skunky, sweet, and earthy scent. The flavor of this strain is a deep blend of sweet and sour with hints of diesel. Donny Burger has overtones of sweet cheese, lemon pepper, spice, and fruit undertones. When heated and vaporized, these crystalline structures unleash an explosion of flavors and effects, resulting in a powerful and euphoric high. When smoking this strain, you will experience the range of flavors in the original strain.

Terpene Profile:

  • Caryophyllene (pepper)
  • Limonene (citrus)
  • Myrcene (herbal)

donny burger where to buy

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Donny Burger Live Resin THCa Diamonds

$34.99 $299.99 or from $29.74 $254.99 every 2 weeks