Delta8 Distillate

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This Delta-8 THC distillate is produced from the highest quality hemp with pure cannabis terpenes added for superior smell and flavor! If you are a fan of any cannabis product you’re sure to love Delta-8 THC! This is a hemp product and is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill! Contains < 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

  • Federally Legal to SELL and SHIP in the USA
  • No Heavy Metals or Pesticides
  • Lab Tested for Potency
  • <0.3% Delta-9-THC (hemp product)

Versatile Ways to use Delta-8 Distillate:

  • Vape
  • Dab
  • Added to edibles
  • Directly consumed, quickly and easily by dissolving under the tongue
  • MCT Oil is popular to add to Delta-8 Distillate for eating, making tinctures, or mixing in with food

Why Should You Use Delta-8 Distillate?

  • Easy to measure small doses
  • Variety of ways to consume
  • Popular to use in the making of edible


Indica Dominant Hybrids:

Grand Daddy Purp –  Granddaddy Purple, or GDP, is a famous profile that was first introduced in 2003. This blend is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud and is one of California’s staples. The Granddaddy Purple terpene profile has a sweet, grape, and berry aroma.

Grape Ape – Grape Ape is the result of crossing Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. The Grape Ape terpene profile has a distinct grape-like scent, hence the name, and is accompanied by earthy, skunky undertones.

Wedding Cake – Rich and tangy flavor with earthy pepper undertones.

Blue Dream – Sweet berry smell and taste

Do Si Dos – Dosi was created by crossing the famous Cookies with Face Off OG. The result is a powerful, relaxing blend. The Dosi terpene profile has a pungent, sweet, and earthy aroma with a minty, sweet flavor.


Sativa Dominant Hybrids:

Pineapple Express –  Fruity, floral with tropical and pine flavor profile

Sour Diesel – Sour D terpenes are recognized by their fuel-like, chemical scent. Although the origins of this one are unknown, the distinct Sour Diesel terpene profile is known and admired by many around the world.

Strawberry Cough – sweet with berry, earthy flavor profile

Super Lemon Haze – sweet, tart with citrus, earthy, skunky flavor profile

50/50 Hybrids:

Blueberry Afgoo – relaxing blend with pine, skunk, and berry flavor profile

OG Kush – sour lemon scent with earthy, woody, pine flavor profile

Tangie – sweet with citrus, pine, diesel flavor profile

Delta8 Distillate

$19.99 $29.99 or from $16.99 $25.49 every 2 weeks