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Where Is Delta 8 THC Available?

January 23, 2024

Where Is Delta 8 THC Available?

If you’ve just found out about Delta-8, you are probably excited to get your hands on some. But where do you find it? In this article, we will tell you exactly where you can buy Delta-8. We will also go into detail about the compound, how it interacts with our bodies, and in what varying forms you can find it. 

Where is Delta-8 Found?

You are probably well aware of Delta-9 THC, better known as THC. But what about its lesser-known cousin, Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol? While the two have lots of similarities, they also have many differences. Yes, D8 is found in the same kind of plants where you find Delta-9 THC. But Delta-8 is available in small amounts in both hemp and marijuana plants, making it much rarer.

Delta-8 is typically extracted from hemp plants which are notated as Cannabis sativa L. Both hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis. Hemp is a cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana will have amounts of THC higher than 0.3%. Marijuana can be either Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis which all provide varying effects.

Still a form of THC, Delta-8 is D9’s analog. This means it has a similar molecular structure to Delta-9. Not only that, but it is an isomer of Delta-9, which means it has the same number of atoms of each element but in a different order. D8 has a double bond on the 8th carbon in the chain while D9 has a double bond on the 9th. This small difference in structure allows for some differences in the compound’s effects. But the two are still alike enough that Delta-8 comes up as THC on drug tests.

How Does Delta-8 Interact With the Body?

Once D8 is consumed, where is it found in the body? Delta-8 interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies. The ECS influences things like sleep, mood, appetite, memory, reproduction, and fertility. It employs the use of cannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors, and enzymes.

Two of the best-known cannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors influence the central nervous system and important organs like the brain, lungs, liver, and kidneys. They are responsible for mediating most of the psychotropic effects of THC. CB2 receptors are found mostly in the immune system. Delta-8 binds to the CB1 receptors like Delta-9 does, but has a different relationship with the receptor, which means a different effect. Delta-8 also interacts with the CB2 receptor, but less is known about this relationship.

Delta-8 provides a similar experience to the user than a Delta-9 THC experience. However, D8 binds differently to the receptors than D9 and has a varied molecular structure. This means we experience some different benefits. According to the National Cancer Institute, Delta-8 has “antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.” Let’s dive into these wonderful benefits:

  • Relieves anxiety:

    One great benefit of Delta-8 THC is that it doesn’t produce paranoia or anxiety as with THC. Users report feeling uplifted and alert, yet still calm and relaxed. This is an especially attractive quality for people who are using the cannabinoid for health benefits. There is one study that has proven the CB1 receptor has a link to anxiety. When it is blocked, the person experiences more anxiety. Delta-8 THC is an agonist to CB1 when they are bound together. This means that it promotes a physiological response. In this case, once D8 binds with CB1, it activates effects that promote relief from stress and anxiety.

  • Promotes better sleep:

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that D8 users fall asleep more easily as well as stay asleep. Just as the cannabinoid attaches to the CB1 receptor and relieves anxiety, it also leads to an induction of sleepiness.

  • Relieves nausea:

    Nausea and vomiting can occur as a symptom of many disorders, as well as a side effect of many treatments. One of those nausea-inducing treatments is chemotherapy. In 1995, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discovered that after taking Delta-8 THC, children undergoing chemotherapy saw an improvement in their chemo side effects of nausea and


    . These patients, aged 3 to 13, showed no psychotropic effects, which could mean psychotropic effects of D8 doesn’t affect children. It was concluded that Delta-8 THC may be as much as 200 times more effective as an antiemetic than D9.

  • Appetite-inducing:

    Patients experiencing loss of appetite from cancer and other illnesses have seen an increase in appetite, which allows them to get the vital nutrition needed.

  • Pain-relieving:

    Delta-8 has shown to provide some pain relief

    and with less cerebral effects. In 2018, a study of mice with corneal injury under the influence of Delta-8 THC showed a reduction in their pain score. It also showed that D8 blocked the pain and had anti-inflammatory effects through the CB1 receptor. This showed that D8 could help treat ocular pain and inflammation.

  • Improvement in brain function:

    With its neuroprotective properties, Delta-8 may help salvage, recover, or regenerate damage that has been done to the nervous system. This is thought to be because D8 may help parts of the brain communicate. This can be done through the increase of acetylcholine levels and the regulation of neuronal messages. These findings may indicate that someone who consumes D8 regularly can reduce memory loss.

  • Anti-cancer:

    Studies on animals in 2006 showed evidence that D8, D9, and CBN may inhibit lung cancer. In 2013, the National Cancer Institute cited in a report that D8, D9, and CBD can stop tumor growth.  

Not only does it have these positive health benefits, but it also produces an enjoyable uplifting feeling in the body. The psychoactive effects are manifested in a cerebral high that is mild and clear, at about half the intensity or more of a THC high. The D8 high is much less intense, more gentle, and thus more manageable. We characterize it by a smooth come up, a chill buzz, then a smooth come down.

Delta-8 THC Products

Before you start filling your shopping cart willy-nilly, it is helpful to find out what forms the compound comes in. That way you can pick out the product that best suits you and your needs. Delta-8 products are available in nearly every form besides smokable flower. You can vaporize, eat, or ingest D8 by way of these products:

  • Delta-8 THC vape cartridge (“carts”):

    If you are into vaping, this is an excellent option for immediate effects. Carts

    pair with vape pen batteries

    that power an atomizer in the cartridge. This then heats the oil, which activates the components in the compound. Then you inhale the vape smoke and enjoy the effects. It is important to choose a cart that doesn’t have additives or fillers that can harm your body such as vitamin E acetate. Make sure to choose a D8 cart that just contains distillate and added terpenes. We also recommend using a ceramic coil cart rather than a metal one so there is no risk of burning the distillate. 

  • Dabs: Dabbing is the vaporization of cannabis concentrates that have been applied to a hot surface and then inhaled. With a dab, a little goes a long way. To dab, you need a dab rig, a nail, a dabber, and a cigar torch. Dabbing is not recommended for novice D8 users or people with little experience with cigar torches. Most people like this method due to the immediate rush of effects

  • Delta-8 THC preroll :Instead of buying distillate and dropping it on your joint, you can buy pre-rolled joints that have already been dosed with D8 or come from a heavy D8 hemp strain. These are filled with CBD flower, allowing for a nice entourage effect.

  • Delta-8 THC infused tincture: For sublingual use, manufacturers have produced oral tinctures. These liquid extracts can simply be placed under your tongue. This is the quickest way for D8 to become absorbed in the body. This is because sublingual cells allow for substances to easily pass through the membranes

  • Edibles: Gummies and chewing gums containing D8 distillate and are the most common form of edibles. This is a very popular method of D8 consumption, especially among young adults over 21 years of age. Typically gummies have a one-piece serving size, but it is a good idea to read the label before dosing. They have the benefit of having a great taste, come in different flavors, and are easy to consume. Almost too easy! Typically effects take place within 25-45 minutes and can last 4 hours. Besides gummies, you can also find Delta-8 infused a variety of baked goods, and sometimes even in dishes served in specialty restaurants. 


Where to Buy Delta-8

When you are looking into buying into D8, you first need to research the legality of hemp products in your area. Though hemp is no longer a Schedule I controlled substance thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, states have their regulations that can differ from federal law. And with the hemp industry and the DEA clashing, hemp product legality has become a hazy issue. It is important to research what is considered legal in your area since laws are constantly shifting regarding cannabis products.

As a good rule of thumb, it is often true that where you can find cannabidiol (CBD) products, you can probably find Delta-8 products. This is because they are both hemp-derivatives and thus are legalized in the same places. This rule of thumb regarding CBD products also includes other popular cannabinoid products containing cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG).

If you are lucky enough to be in a state where hemp products are legalized, there are tons of places you can find D8. If you’d like to get your hands on some of this exciting compound, we will tell you all the places you can find it. You can find Delta-8 THC products in:

  • Retail stores

  • Smoke shops

  • CBD shops

  • Marijuana dispensaries

  • Online stores

If you are interested in buying Delta-8 online, we have just the place for you. Bay Smokes offers heaps of Delta-8 products, including vape cartridges, prerolls, D8 heavy CBD flower, distillate, gummies, and more!

Buy Responsibly

When purchasing Delta-8 or other cannabis products, it is your responsibility for researching the quality and components of what you are buying. Since the hemp industry is still not well-regulated, products can often be misrepresented. Choose the product that best suits your needs, whether it is for an enjoyable high, relief from anxiety, or a respite from pain.

You are more likely to possess a high-quality product if the words “Third Party Tested” are on the product. This means that the producer has sent its product to an accredited lab that has tested it for things like pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, and more. This ensures a safe product that will not have any unintended negative side effects. You are responsible for your health. For this reason, it is important to be a responsible consumer and buy quality tested products. The best way to find quality products is to buy them from reputable, established places.

Not only must you be cognizant of the varying products out there that may not be quality, or are misrepresenting their product, you must be aware of the legality of the product. As stated before, you must be aware of your state’s regulations regarding hemp products before buying them. Additionally, there is no set minimum age requirement to purchase D8 as of yet, but some states require the consumer to be 21 years or older to purchase.

Buy From a Reputable Source You Can Trust

With its recent boom in popularity, Delta-8 has now become available in many places. We want to remind you, however, that since D8 is so new on the scene, a lot of kinks are still being worked out. It is possible to buy from a source that sells a cheap product that is misrepresented. It is possible to buy a product that has not been lab-tested and could make you sick. That is why it is best to buy from a reputable source you can trust like Bay Smokes.

As a disclaimer, we want to state that the information on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All information, content, and materials available on this site are for general information purposes only. The content of this posting is “as is”. No representations are made that the content is error-free.


Legal Disclaimer: Bay Smokes products are not approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illnesses. All products are compliant with the US Farm Bill and under 0.3% THC. Bay Smokes products and website are intended for ADULT use only. Full disclaimer in Terms of Service. Delta8 or other Hemp-Derived THCs will not be shipped to states where the product has been expressly banned. Product availability varies from state to state per each product’s regulation.

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