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What Are Munchies And How To Deal With Them

January 24, 2024

What Are Munchies And How To Deal With Them

Munchies are one of the most common side effects of a cannabis high. While they can be dealt with, they can sometimes spoil the fun. Luckily, THCv, Delta 8, and CBD products can decrease the craving for munchies after a high.

One of the frequently listed side effects of cannabis by marijuana users is munchies or the extreme hunger pangs that result after the ingestion of cannabis. For those on weight loss programs or trying to cut food portions for medical reasons, munchies can be a spoilsport in what could have been a wholesome experience. However, there are easy ways to stave off the hunger pangs and enjoy the cannabis high. 

The first step to tackling hunger pangs is to understand the structure of the cannabinoid and how it initiates the desire to eat, even when cannabis is consumed on a full stomach. THC, a component in cannabis, affects the part of the brain which controls hunger. After ingestion, THC creates cravings for sweets and carbs, which leads to post-marijuana binging. Additionally, THC activates the release of the happy hormone, which can instill a joyful or fulfilled feeling when consuming fried or sweet foods. 

Getting high without succumbing to the hunger attack might sound difficult, but it is not impossible! THCv, a close relative of the Delta strains, can be used to suppress appetite.

What Is THCv, and Does It Help Keep Hunger Pangs in Check?

THCv works as a hunger suppressant. Instead of fueling appetite, this cannabinoid helps minimize appetite and cravings. At Bay Smokes, the wide selection of THCv products caters to beginner and expert users alike, whether they know their exact fix or whether they are in an exploration mode. THCv products at Bay Smokes come in incredible flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Grape Ape, and Mango Kush, each of which has a unique fruity and tropical taste. 

Bay Smokes also has an exciting inventory of D8 and CBD products. These cannabinoid products can help relieve stress and anxiety without instigating appetite. Instead of eating a whole tub of fried chicken or burger after burger, explore some options that can help diminish hunger pangs after ingesting marijuana. 

7 Ways To Stave off the Munchies

THCv might suppress appetite, but every person has a different experience with cannabis. Therefore, for the best plan to avoid the munchies, it is good to have some tricks up your sleeve for a post-marijuana experience.

  1. Distraction. When you feel hungry after ingesting cannabis, the best way to overpower that feeling is by distracting yourself. Try to


    engage in an activity


    that can take your mind off food. Maybe challenge a friend to a video game or watch a movie you can really get into. You can avoid succumbing to the hunger pangs and successfully beat them by keeping yourself distracted. 

  2. Plan your meals in advance. It is crucial to plan the three big meals on the day, along with some snacks, to ensure that you get the proper nutrition.


    Consuming cannabis


    on an empty stomach may give a more potent high, but it can cause more pronounced hunger pangs and increased appetite. On a full stomach, the effect of cannabis can last longer. 

  3. Create distance from the kitchen. An excellent way to avoid extra eating is to avoid places with food. A walk in the open to take in the fresh air can also help subdue the high, in case you need to come down. 

  4. Have a mint. As silly as it sounds, take a mint or brush your teeth with minty toothpaste. The contrasting flavors of mint and fried food can make a bad combination, helping you avoid certain foods or stop eating at the right time. 

  5. Keep yourself hydrated. Hydration is as crucial as eating when it comes to the effects of marijuana. When under the influence of cannabis, sometimes our brain tricks us into believing that we need food when we’re thirsty. Drinking lots of fluids while taking cannabis and during the high is advisable for a hassle-free experience. 

  6. Slow down. Easier said than done, but one way of controlling binge eating is by taking smaller bites. Slowing down the speed at which you eat can help ensure that you do not overindulge. 

  7. Sleep it off. Sometimes it is best to sleep to avoid binge eating, so head to the bed instead of the refrigerator. However, it is important to note that one should wait till the peak of the high passes before one heads off to bed. Sleeping at the peak of the high can lead to disoriented mornings. 

How To Use Hunger Attacks to Your Advantage

Cannabis lovers should be prepared for a situation where they may succumb to munchies. Try to stock up on healthy snacks like seeds, nuts, and salads for these periods. While under the influence of cannabis, people generally tend to go for carbs or sweets. If sweets are your post-marijuana go-to munch, try sweetened nuts or some fruit for a more guilt-free experience.

Sometimes, it is important not to fight hunger and, instead, try to stop eating at the right time. It’s okay to eat cautiously. If you do overindulge, you can try a workout the next day or before consuming marijuana.

More About Delta 8 and CBD

Delta 8 is relatively new in the cannabis market, but it is slowly rising in popularity due to its nuanced but euphoric high. At Bay Smokes, Delta 8 comes in various flavors and formats, including vapes, gummies, and cartridges, making it easier for cannabis connoisseurs to order their desired products from the same place. So, instead of typing Delta 8 near me in the search engine, customers looking for top-quality cannabis should visit the Bay Smokes website. 

Like THCv and D8, Bay Smokes has a fantastic CBD inventory, making it easier for users to navigate their interests and explore different products. At Bay Smokes, CBD is available as the flower, distillate, and pre-rolls. In addition, top-quality CBD flower is available for experienced customers who want to use their own piece or make their own joints. 

Additionally, for beginners or by-the-book users, the Bay Smokes website has listed premium quality pre-rolled CBD joints for an elevated experience. For those still trying to find the product that suits them, there are several strains to explore. Instead of finding local cannabis vendors and looking at CBD near me options on the internet, users can browse the Bay Smokes website and order their products online. 

Cannabis products at Bay Smokes are procured from top-quality, legally grown hemp plants. All products are lab-tested and only sold after a thorough inspection and quality tests. The products are also tested for their perfect balance of cannabinoids, offering users an ideal cannabis experience. 

For customers looking to purchase cannabis through Bay Smokes, all products sold on the website are legal and sold in compliance with the law and the 2018 Farm Bill. The Bay Smokes app makes it easier for people to purchase their products and reorder them at their leisure. Subscribe to the Bay Smokes newsletter to keep up-to-date on the product inventory and the addition of new strains


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