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It’s OK, Mom! You Can Smoke With Us

January 23, 2024

It’s OK, Mom! You Can Smoke With Us

It’s OK, Mom! You Can Smoke With Us

Joining the cannabis world as a mom can be very intimidating, but many moms across the world are coming out publicly about their appreciation for a nice little high. Let’s face it- Whether you’re looking to slow down and be more present with your kids, or simply trying to gain focus and clarity to stay on track with daily tasks, hemp cannabis probably holds strong to its purpose in your life of Motherhood.

“Wine Moms” vs. “Weed Moms”

Many people have commonly heard of “wine moms,” and meme’s are constantly circling the internet about Mom’s who joke about relaxing with their wine. However, many “weed moms” are still facing stigma from their social circles for choosing to use marijuana.

Studies have shown that nearly one-third of parents have been drunk around their children, while 50% of parents will admito being tipsy. Alcohol is also known to trigger anger and can be the culprit for family arguments. On the contrary, cannabis use is healthy, and can also help you become a better parent!

Women Made Up Over 50% Of New Cannabis Users in 2021

Contrary to popular belief, many moms are using cannabis! Women overall are among the fastest-growing groups of new cannabis users. Let’s face it: Pandemic life brought new stressors and anxiety to all of us. According to Forbes, a market research group found women cannabis users made up 59% of new users in 2021.


How You Can Benefit off Hemp Cannabis

Mothers are always looking for a way to relax and unwind. Where alcohol can make tense situations worse, hemp cannabis is known to bring a calming effect. Hemp cannabis THC is widely known for its wellness benefits, and is used for a variety of its mental and physical effects. A benefit of using hemp cannabis THC is that you can microdose, and only consume exactly the amount your body needs to feel its benefits.

Celeb Moms Who Aren’t Quiet About Their Appreciation for Cannabis

Did you know, hemp cannabis THC can even boost your energy? Many moms who use cannabis say that weed increases their focus and makes them more present while spending time with family.

Weed is popular among moms all over the world, and over the years celebrities have even came out publicly about their love for some great weed. Megan Fox, Whoopi Goldberg and Cameron Diaz have all commented on their favorable views on cannabis.

Why Choose the Plant?

Moms are speaking out everywhere about their appreciation for the plant. Overall, moms said hemp cannabis improved their relationships with children and family and provided a better overall sense of well-being in their lives. Several women have also said hemp cannabis assists them with better sleep and relaxation.

Goldberg Adds Cannabis to her Business Empire

“The View,” star  and ‘cannamom,’ Whoopi Goldberg, even appeared on the first ever cover of Black Cannabis Magazine, and has her own medical marijuana line! Over the years, the cannabis industry has grown to become much more accepted in our society. By celebrity leaders speaking out more openly about their use of cannabis, it makes the topic less “taboo,” and allows the nation the ability to boost the industry even further. The more widely accepted cannabis becomes, the more quality research will be done and in turn, better quality products will continue popping up all over the market.

Where To Start

Since celeb moms are raving about it, you probably want to get in on the hype. Delta-8-THC is a legal, very close cousin to traditional THC, and it provides less of a high. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to take your Delta-8-THC with your anywhere you go, try BaySmokes Delta-8-THC gummies here.

Other Forms of Delta-8 THC Delta-8 THC comes in a variety of forms. Depending on your preferred method of use, there are a huge variety of flower, cartridges, vapes, tinctures and more all over the internet.

Looking for something Small & Sleek?

If you’re new to hemp cannabis and would like an easy way to carry your Delta-8 THC with you every day, try the Bay Smokes Delta-8 Vape Pen. It’s packed with one gram of greenhouse grown, laboratory tested, potent Delta-8 THC and designed to be tiny and sleek enough to fit right inside your pocket! This cute little device would even fit in most wristlets and coin purses, because we all know, sometimes the outfit doesn’t call for pockets.

Cartridges are another way to consume hemp cannabis THC. You can try our variety of flavors of cartridges here. If you don’t have one already, you can buy your Bay Smokes battery and charger here.


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