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CBD Flower: An (Absolute) Beginner’s Guide

January 25, 2024

CBD Flower: An (Absolute) Beginner’s Guide

By now, you’ve probably seen CBD-infused versions of just about… everything. From CBD tinctures to topicals and CBD snacks to skincare, it’s clear that CBD is here to stay.

With all of the fancy CBD products out there, it’s easy to forget that the compound comes from legal, smokable hemp. If you’re interested in trying CBD flower, then you’re in the right place! Bay Smokes is here with a crash course on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CBD flower.


What is CBD?

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD was one of the earliest cannabinoids to gain popularity in mainstream culture. It’s a phytocannabinoid that’s found naturally in hemp and cannabis plants, and unlike other cannabinoids that are only found in trace amounts, there’s a lot of it in any given hemp plant.

Both the hemp plants and the CBD extract itself must contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight in order to be protected by the 2018 Farm Bill, so unlike many other cannabinoids, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that it’s not intoxicating and won’t get you “stoned.”


Is CBD Flower Legal?

Yes! Even though it looks just like “conventional” Delta-9 THC flower, CBD flower is fully legal in all 50 states thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

If you have questions, consult with a local attorney about your state’s laws.


What are the Benefits of CBD?

Many people use CBD for stress and anxiety relief, and multiple clinical studies show evidence to support this as well. CBD can also act as a mild sleep aid—if it helps you feel less stressed, then it makes sense that you’d sleep a little better!

There have also been studies to suggest that CBD can help support healthy cognitive function and even act as a neuroprotective.

Many people also use CBD to help with inflammation and pain, though these applications need more research simply because the topic is so broad.

There’s also research to support the use of CBD as an aid in controlling nausea.

CBD can also potentially help to lower blood pressure and support heart health.

This isn’t intended as medical advice, though. Consult with a doctor if you have any questions.


What Does CBD Feel Like?

First of all, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that it won’t produce the same intoxicating effects that many other cannabinoids do and that it won’t get you “high.” However, keep in mind that cannabinoids affect everyone a little bit differently. (Author’s note: I can attest to this! CBD helps me relax and gives me the space to take a deep breath, while it usually makes my partner want to curl up and take a nap. But neither of those are bad things!)

In general, most people report feelings of mental and physical relaxation when they use CBD products.

While there’s really no bad time for some CBD, we love sparking up a CBD joint after a hard day’s work, before a yoga class, or during a scenic drive.


Why CBD Flower?

I hear you—with all of the fun CBD-infused options out there, why choose plain old flower? CBD flower offers unique benefits and a distinctive experience that other CBD products can’t replicate.

When smoking CBD flower, you’ll feel the effects almost immediately. This is perfect for when you need the relief that CBD can offer right away, whether you’re in the midst of an anxiety attack, a bout of nausea, or have just had a really (really) long day. This means that it’s usually easier to dose yourself as well.

The act of smoking CBD flower can also be really relaxing in and of itself. It can provide you with a great opportunity to practice mindfulness or just unwind after a busy day. While we love the convenience of a vape, they just can’t compare to the meditative process, soothing act, and delicious flavor of smoking CBD flower.


How do I Choose What CBD Flower to Buy?

Now that you’re on board, you get to start the process of choosing the best CBD flower for you! It can seem overwhelming, but we have a few pointers to keep you on the right track.

CBD flower should be anywhere from light to dark green. Sometimes, it can have a little bit of orange or purple mixed in as well. A lot of high-quality flower will also be covered in what looks like subtle pearly dust or soft crystals. Don’t worry—your CBD hasn’t gone bad! These are called trichomes. When the hemp was still growing, these frosty-looking hairs protected the plant. These trichomes are still important after the hemp has been picked and processed—that’s where many of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other good stuff is concentrated.

CBD flower should be soft and sticky, but not so soft that it falls apart. The “nugs” should be firm but still break apart easily.

And finally, the smell. Good-quality CBD flower shouldn’t just smell like your old college dorm—it should have a bold, unique scent that varies based on strain. Some strains are a little bit more “skunky” smelling than others, but most CBD flower boasts really nice fruity, earthy, or zesty scents on top of that.


How do I Store CBD Flower?

Ideally, CBD flower should be stored in an air-tight container away from direct exposure to heat or light. A good old-fashioned mason jar works well, or you can spring for a stylish vacuum-sealed container or smell-proof plastic bag.

Try not to leave ground-up CBD flower for too long—it can dry out and won’t taste quite as nice. That’s normally not too much of a problem for us, though!


How do I Smoke CBD Flower? What do I Need?

We’re glad you asked! There’s a ton of different ways you can smoke CBD flower.

First, you’ll need your CBD flower. A grinder will make the job way easier, too. (If you don’t have one, you can tear up your flower by hand or put it in the bottom of a shot glass or other small container and go at it with a pair of clean scissors.)

First of all: the classic joint. For this, you’ll need heavy paper to make a filter and rolling papers of your choice. This option is cheap and convenient, but it can be hard to get the hang of rolling at first and joints can be a little bit harsh.

You can also smoke it in a blunt. For this, all you’ll need are blunt wraps. You can find these in any smoke shop, but blunts have a very strong smell and aren’t a good choice if you’re trying to avoid nicotine.

There are practically an infinite amount of different kinds of pieces out there as well. Whether you’re in the market for a bowlbubbler, or bong, there’s something out there for everyone. All you’ll need in this case is the piece and maybe a screen(pro tip: if you can’t get by without a screen and don’t have one on hand, a tiny clean pebble works really well). These can be very aesthetically pleasing and can deliver big, smooth hits, but they’re often breakable and sometimes expensive.

Finally, if you want to get really fancy, you can always invest in a vaporizer. These are typically the smoothest and strongest (since they’re vaporizing the flower, not combusting it) and can be very discrete, but in order to get a good one, you’ll probably have to drop a pretty penny.


Where can I buy CBD Flower?

Ready to give it a try? You’re in the right place! Here at Bay Smokes, we carry premium indoor-grown CBD flower (as well as several other CBD products). Be sure to check back often for new strains and offers!


Legal Disclaimer: Bay Smokes products are not approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illnesses. All products are compliant with the US Farm Bill and under 0.3% THC. Bay Smokes products and website are intended for ADULT use only. Full disclaimer in Terms of Service. Delta8 or other Hemp-Derived THCs will not be shipped to states where the product has been expressly banned. Product availability varies from state to state per each product’s regulation.

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