What’s the Best way to Take Delta-8?

What's the Best way to Take Delta-8

Nowadays, you can find D8 in just about any form you can think up. We’re definitely not complaining, but it can be confusing! Here’s a guide to the different ways you can consume D8. Read on to find out what you should try next!


What is Delta-8?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with D8. If you’re not, we have a ton of information about it on our blog.


How Does Delta-8 get you High?

Let’s start at the beginning!

Delta-8 works with the cannabinoid system, something we all have regardless of our cannabis consumption. The cannabinoids in D8 attach to your cannabinoid receptors, getting you stoned. For a full overview of the cannabinoid system, check out our blog!


Now, let’s get into the different ways to consume D8.



We’ll start with a classic! Anyone who’s ever gone outside to join a smoke circle at a party knows how fun passing around a joint or a bong can be.

When you inhale Delta-8 smoke, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream through the blood vessels in your lungs. It’s absorbed directly, without being converted into 11-hydroxy-THC (more on that later). This happens almost immediately—you’ll feel the effects of smoking a joint or taking a bong rip in a few minutes, tops. The effects last for a decent amount of time, too. The “stoned” feeling from smoking D8 can last up to a few hours.

However, smoking isn’t quite as potent as vaping, whether you’re using a vaporizer built for flower or a cartridge. The combustion (setting the flower on fire, in less-fancy terms) destroys a lot of the cannabinoids in the D8 so they’re not available to be absorbed by your body. Also, it’s difficult to precisely dose yourself when you’re smoking, and it’s probably the least-discrete method on the list. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s a time and a place for everything!



Vapes of all shapes and sizes are becoming increasingly popular, for good reason. You can now buy D8 carts, D8 vapes, and D8 extracts from your favorite online smoke shops.

When you vape D8, it’s still absorbed through your lungs. This means that it’s absorbed almost immediatelyand isn’t converted into 11-hydroxy-THC. A lot of people say that vaping hits a lot harder than smoking, but the effects don’t last quite as long—usually up to a couple hours. A lot of people also report that vaping gives them a “cleaner” or “clearer” high than smoking does.

The intense high that vaping can produce is thanks to a lower temperature. Because vapes operate at a much lower temperature, the cannabinoids don’t get burned away and are therefore more easily absorbed (and usually taste better, too). There’s also evidence to suggest that the lower temperature of vaping is better for your lungs, but there aren’t many studies that look at the long-term effects.

Just like smoking, it’s hard to dose yourself precisely when you’re using a vape. However, vapes are definitely more discrete than actually smoking flower—they’re usually pretty small and have a very mild scent.



When it comes to D8 and other cannabinoids, edibles are a whole different ball game. To explain why, we’ll take a brief “The Magic School Bus” style tour of your digestive system.

First, you eat the edible (obviously). Your stomach breaks down the actual food, whether it’s a brownie or a cookie or some gummies. During that process, the cannabinoids are broken down a little bit too. Eventually, the whole deal passes through the rest of your digestive system. This is when you’re going to start to feel it, anywhere up to 3 hoursafter eating the edible. The cannabinoids make their way to your liver, where they’re turned into 11-hydroxy-THC (told you we’d get back to it). 11-hydroxy-THC is way more potent than regular THC and is much better at getting from your bloodstream into your brain. At this point, the edible will definitely have hit and you’ll be stoned for the next several hours, at least.

A lot of people love edibles for their potency and because they tend to produce a long-lasting and chilled-out high. When you buy from a trusted retailer, it’s really easy to know exactly how much D8 you’re getting. Once you know your tolerance, edibles are super convenient and pretty discrete—just don’t let someone have a bite of your snack unless they know what they’re getting themselves into!

We carry a ton of fun and delicious edibles here at Bay Smokes—whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer salty foods, there’s something for every taste.



“Sublingual” is just a fancy word for “something that’s absorbed under your tongue.” Here at Bay Smokes, we carry a couple different products of this type: tinctures and hard candies.

These get into your bloodstream faster than edibles, but not quite as fast as smoking or vaping. Typically, you’ll feel the effects of sublingual D8 in about 15 minutes. Just like smoking and vaping, D8 sublinguals enter your bloodstream directly without being metabolized into 11-hydroxy-THC.

Sublingual D8 products produce a relatively mild and short-lived high, but they’re super easy to dose and extremely discrete.



Last but not least, we have D8 drinks. These are just starting to hit the market because they can be pretty difficult to make—cannabinoids bond to oils, and oily drinks usually aren’t particularly appetizing. Thanks to advances in modern science, though, we’re starting to see more cannabis-based drinks! We’re proud to offer a few D8 drink mixes ourselves.

D8 drinks are sort of a hybrid between sublinguals and edibles. Some of the cannabinoids are absorbed through your mouth, and some are absorbed through your stomach lining (instead of through your liver).

D8 drinks kick in pretty fast, in around 15 minutes. Like sublinguals, the effects don’t last very long. However, D8 drinks are really discrete and great for social situations.


What’s the Best?

That depends on what you’re looking for!

If you’re in the mood for a sesh with a few friends and a product that will hit you fast and last for a relatively good amount of time, then smoking is probably for you.

If you’re looking for something more discreet than smoking and a hard-and-fast onset with effects that don’t last quite as long, then you’re in the market for a vape.

If you’re looking for ultimate discretion, a fast onset, a relatively short and mild high, and precise dosing, then try a sublingual.

If you’re looking for discretion, precise dosing, a high that will hit you like a freight train, and don’t mind waiting, then chow down on an edible.

If you’re looking for discretion, a fast onset with short-lived effects, and don’t want to be the only one at the party without a drink in your hand, then pour yourself a drink.


Let us know what your favorite way to consume D8 is. Cheers!