Delta8 Astroids

$45.00 $80.00 or from $38.25 $68.00 every 2 weeks

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Our Asteroids are very similar to our Moon Rocks, but with two extra steps that make them even more potent! After the Moon Rocks are made, we cover them again for the second layer of Delta8 distillate and then top that off with CBG isolate, which gives it that beautiful white color. The final product is a whopping 41% Cannabinoids!

The base Moon Rock is made from the highest quality hemp flower, soaked in Delta-8 Distillate, and then rolled in kief! This process creates a SUPER potent flower perfect for slow-burning smokes, or a seemingly never-ending bowl. The distillate makes the flower smoke very slow so it’s ideal to really get the most out of your flower.

We personally enjoy mixing the Astroids in with regular flowers to add an extra punch and slow the burn whether we roll some or pack some. Cheers, we know you’ll enjoy it!

Although traditional moon rocks were only made with high-THC strains, there are now products like Bay Smokes’ asteroids that use legal hemp strains.

These nugs are incredibly potent, greenhouse-grown and laboratory tested to assure a high-quality product packed with maximum effects.

Try Our Delta-8 Asteroids If You’re Looking For:

  • 9% MORE cannabinoids than our similar Delta-8 Moon Rock
  • Slow-burning, top-quality Delta-8 THC
  • Added boost of potency for any blunt, joint or bowl
  • Get the most out of your flower
  • More intense effects that hit seemingly quicker than use of traditional flower
  • The highest potency Delta-8 has to offer
  • High quality product you can use at any time of the day

What Makes Our Delta-8 Asteroids Different:

  • 41% Cannabinoids
  • Greenhouse-grown
  • Laboratory tested ingredients

Quality Meets Precision

Potent and smooth, our top-quality greenhouse-grown premium Delta-8-THC and CBD asteroids are waiting to satisfy your needs

Delta8 Astroids

$45.00 $80.00 or from $38.25 $68.00 every 2 weeks