✨Benefits Of Hemp Derived THC✨

✨Benefits Of Hemp Derived THC✨

Delta8 THC is a natural cannabinoid produced by cannabis/hemp. It is very similar to Delta9 THC(which you likely know as the cannabinoid that causes the ‘high’ of traditional cannabis).

However Delta-8 THC is derived from federally legal hemp. This means, the cannabinoid is federally legal, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. There are hundreds of different cannabinoids that come from cannabis and hemp, as Delta-8 is a newly popularized cannabinoid, not many people known about it.

Each state has their own laws relating to legality of hemp-derived products. It is your responsibility to know whether these products are safe in your respective state.

Delta8 feels very similar to regular Delta9 THC. Some key differences that we have seen ourselves is that the feeling seems to be more noticeable in the body and less intense in the mind. Giving a true stoney feel without the intense psychoactive effects.

Many find this experience more enjoyable and social compared to “regular” or Delta9 THC. Everyone reacts different to these cannabinoids, but there is a reason so many people love our products and come back for more!

Delta8 opens the door to the new generation of cannabis. High quality buds enjoyable for everyone. 

Because Delta8 is a Hemp derived cannabinoid, it is considered federally legal due to the farm bill of 2018. However, each state has the ability to make their own laws.

To date, most states have not made any specific regulations around Delta 8. We suggest you contact legal counsel to determine the laws specific to your state.

what's in my flower?

Our delta8 flower is grown indoors in a light deprivation greenhouse, with complete environmental and nutrient controls. After curing, our flower is infused with Delta8 THC distillate through a solventless fogging process that involves heat and pressure.

Suggested Use: If you have never used a product like this before, start slow and small. Roll a small joint, pack a small bowl, or figure out some other creative way to smoke your greens.

• Non-GMO
• Organically Grown Hemp
• Laboratory Tested to Ensure Safety & Potency

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