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Delta8 Rainbow Cereal


Delta8 Chocolate Cereal

Explore Premium Hemp Edibles and Try Delta 8 Edibles and More

Our Delta 8 edibles are a delicious way to get a refined Delta 8 high. Our Delta-8 THC edibles carry a potent punch with 600mg per bag. They are made fresh in our factory and vacuum sealed for fresh delivery. Our hemp edibles gummy bears give you a potent, one-of-a-kind, uplifting and motivating feeling while calming down your body.  Whether you choose THC-O, Delta 8, or a Hybrid strain our hemp edibles taste just like regular snacks with zero hemp taste. 

Bay Smokes hemp edibles are potent with 600mg per bag. If you are new to edibles start slow and small.. Serving size should begin with 1/4 of the bag contents and wait for at least 2 hours to see how it affects you before taking more. Edible cannabinoid products work differently for everyone, so it's essential to know how your body will react before eating multiple. Many factors determine how long edible last and how strongly you will feel the effects. Such as eating on an empty stomach may cause effects to come on faster, and inversely if you take the products on a full stomach, effects may take longer.