The Best Delta-8 Strains for Creativity

by Johanna Bloomquist July 07, 2022

The Best Delta-8 Strains for Creativity


If you’re an artist and you use cannabis, we don’t need to tell you that it can help jumpstart your creativity! There’s nothing like some Delta-8 to get you out of writer’s block or an art slump. Wondering how you can maximize your creativity with the help of cannabis? Read on for some suggestions!


Delta8 THC for Creativity?

There’s all kinds of anecdotal evidence to support the idea that cannabis might help you be more creative. There haven’t been a ton of studies done on the subject, but we do have a few. They all suggest that low to moderate doses of cannabis can help creativity, while high doses can actually get in the way of creativity.

That’s probably not a surprise for people who smoke weed—you know that a low dose can get the ideas flowing, but with a high dose, you might be too busy noticing how weird your hands feel or how hungry you are to actually put pen to paper.

No worries, though—this is great news for fans of Delta-8! D8 is known to be about half as potent as Delta-9 THC (the active ingredient most people think of when they think of “pot” or “marijuana”). This means that it’s way easier to get the right dose of D8 to spark your creativity!

Not all Delta-8 is created equal, though. You’ll probably want to choose an energizing sativa or sativa hybrid. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re buying your Delta-8 THC from a tested and trusted brand like Bay Smokes. We’ve definitely got you covered—here are a few of our favorite Delta-8 strains and Delta-8 products for when we want to get those creative juices flowing.


Blue Dream

Delta 8 Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. You’ve almost definitely heard of it, and we can promise you that it’s famous for a good reason! First of all, it’s known to be super uplifting and inspiring, which is the perfect recipe for helping you create your next big art piece. Plus, it’s delicious—it tastes like sweet blueberries and juicy berries.

Bay Smokes D8 Blue Dream is available in diamond sauce, shatter, and distillate. All of these are super versatile—you can dab them with a dab rig, mix them into flower, put them in your favorite vape, or even use them to make edibles. No matter how you choose to consume, you’ll be well on your way to creating your next masterpiece.


Sour Diesel

Delta 8 Sour Diesel is another great strain to try if you’re looking to flex your creative muscles. It’s a sativa strain that’s pungent, skunky, and of course a little diesel-y. Don’t let that flavor profile throw you off, though—it’s surprisingly tasty and the effects are definitely well worth any dank flavors.

If you’re ready to try some D8 Sour Diesel, you have a ton of options right here at

Bay Smokes. Delta-8 Sour Diesel is available in shatter, distillate, prerolls, vape carts, and disposable vapes. Try a vape if you’re up late creating and don’t want to wake anyone up with the smell, or grab a preroll (or two) next time you get together with your artsy friends.



Delta 8 Tangie is a sativa strain that’s awesome for boosting energy and creativity. It tastes amazing, too—with notes of tropical orange and citrus, it’s a great strain to wake and bake with if you’re planning on spending the day doing something


Bay Smokes D8 Tangie is available in distillate, disposable vapes, and vape carts. Charge up your vape battery, charge up your creative battery, and start brainstorming your next big project!


Where to Buy D8 for Creativity

Great question, especially because it has an easy answer—right here!

Bay Smokes is one of the most popular and trusted online smoke shops. We have tons of options, whether you’re looking to get creative or wind down at the end of a long day. Best of all, everything we carry is totally legal and can be shipped right to your door in most states! It’s never been easier to spark up and spark your creativity legally—just browse our website, choose some d8 products that speak to you, and get creating!


We’re not saying you have to credit us on your next masterpiece, but it sure would be nice!